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Standard Translation Service

One of our most popular translation service, Pangeanic’s translators produce a first, high quality translation

They check and verify the translated document, which is then checked by an expert Project Manager and returned to the translator for final approval.

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Most popular translation service
Translation, check and verification and PM check
For professional publication, general translation purposes

Our Standard Translation Service complied with the requirements of ISO9001. This is our most popular translation service requested by our clients. Our translators are experts in the provision of expert

and many more languages.

You can order standard translation services filling our contact form. One of our representatives will contact you soon. Our translations are certified and meet publication service standards. This is an uncomplicated service for the client, easy to pay and with a good, professional translation result.

Find out more about our different translation levels and a lot more information in our FAQ section.

More than 3,000 professional translators and 20 years of experience support our standard translation services. Thousands of satisfied clients are our best reference for our translation service, which are reviewed in independent sites like TrustPilot. Pangeanic’s team comprises professionals with a long career in translation management, translation sales, machine translation, etc.

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