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Pangeanic combines a team of committed professionals from several industries

From language and translation, computing, systems security, software development, Natural Language Processing, linguistics, data, international sales, banking and legal. Their combined efforts make Pangeanic a unique place to work, where talent is nurtured.

Pangeanic combines a team of committed professionals from several industries

If you want to meet Pangeanic, meet the Pangeanic Team

Pangeanic's growth is thanks to the collaboration between its departments that makes it a unique place to work, cultivate and promote talent.

Manuel avatar

Manuel Herranz


CEO and Founder. A regular speaker at industry events, Manuel's areas of interest include Statistics, Deep Neural Networks, Adaptive Technologies, Pattern Recognition and Deep Learning applied to Natural Language Processing.

Luis avatar

Luis del Río


Responsible for financial planning, execution and reporting. He implements strategies that allow an efficient use of the company's financial resources.

Anna avatar-1

Ana Fernández


Ana is in charge of the company's daily operations. She is responsible for establishing and ensuring compliance with our strategy, ensuring operational development and managing the company's internal resources.

Amando avatar

Amando Estela


Amando is responsible for providing the Sales team with technical advice and support, as well as overseeing projects with a focus on technical and resource efficiency. He manages the internal IT team and ensures compliance with the company's internal strategy.

Angela avatar

Ángela Franco

Production Coordinator

Ensures that staff are working effectively. She is responsible for keeping our Production teams organized, as well as meeting deadlines, responding to claims, drawing up reports, etc.

Ivan avatar

Ivan Skachkov


Responsible for supervising and managing the Support team. Ensures that internal customer service is timely and accurate on a day-to-day basis, verifies software and hardware performance, upgrades systems, and configures and installs internal and external networks.

Ma Angeles avatar

Mª Ángeles García

R&D Department Manager

Pangeanic is continuously improving its software and services. Mª Ángeles is in charge of coordinating the Machine Learning team, and is responsible for the Europeana Translate project. She works on the development of ECO in Machine Translation and Masker in Anonymization.

Laurent avatar

Laurent Bie

Data Department Manager

Ensures that data collection processes are aligned with business rules and guidelines. Determines the type of data to be collected and identifies the tools with which to collect it effectively, and undertakes the analysis and reporting of results.

Ernesto avatar-2

Ernesto Miguel Rodríguez

Technical Development Manager

Dedicated to identifying the needs of customers and users for the development of the product in all its phases. He details the characteristics of the product, and plans and reports on progress.

María avatar

María Bodí

HR Manager

Responsible for managing everything to do with the people working at Pangeanic. From the start, her strategic vision has led to improvements in internal organization by managing and developing plans for change and growth in the company.

Chus avatar

Mª Jesús López

Business Development

In charge of business development, she provides personalized advice and seeks to offer a custom solution to fit the needs of each client. Her main duties are: managing accounts, detecting market niches and selling Pangeanic's products and services.

Nacho avatar-2

Ignacio Pose

International Business Development

In charge of Pangeanic's international business development. His main duties are the preparation and presentation of business proposals, client acquisition, contract negotiation, and the monitoring of Pangeanic's accounts as well as customer service.

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