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Need to Translate Documents?

Pangeanic specializes in fast, affordable document translation services, with its own platform for added privacy. Or you may need a team of experienced translators to translate documents into several languages simultaneously, quickly and accurately. Automate processes and save time and money integrating our document translation API to process large amounts of data, even with custom, private machine translation!

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Why Pangeanic Document Translation Services?



Our translators are native speakers of their target languages and have extensive experience translating documents. They have been cherry-picked because of their expert knowledge field and use state-of-the-art tools to scale human content translation.



Pangeanic uses its own online translation tool (PECAT) to secure a translation process to ensure that your documents are protected from unauthorized access.


Full API

Automate your document translation service connecting your content creation process or document repositories to obtain adaptive machine translation from custom-built translation models, using your preferred terminology and corporate style and translation guidelines.



Our prices are competitive and we offer a variety of payment options.

Translation services and a workflow with professional translators

We are a forward-looking company and know that different types of content may require different approaches, even within the same project.

What types of documents does Pangeanic translate?

Document translation services encompass a variety of types, including:

  • Legal Translation: Translating legal documents such as contracts, court documents, patents, and agreements.

  • Medical Translation: Translating medical records, clinical trial documents, patient information, and pharmaceutical materials.

  • Technical Translation: Translating technical manuals, engineering documents, product specifications, and scientific papers.

  • Business Translation: Translating business plans, financial reports, marketing materials, and corporate communications.

  • Certified Translation: Officially authorized translations often required for legal and immigration purposes.

  • Website Localization: Adapting websites to different languages and cultures to reach a global audience effectively.

  • Financial Translation: Translating financial statements, banking documents, investment reports, and insurance materials.

  • Academic Translation: Translating academic papers, research articles, dissertations, and educational materials.

  • Marketing Translation: Adapting advertising content, brochures, slogans, and promotional materials for different markets.

  • Literary Translation: Translating books, novels, poems, and literary works to make them accessible to a wider audience.

Each type of document translation requires specialized knowledge and expertise in the respective subject matter to ensure accurate and culturally appropriate results.


Supported file formats for full document translation

We accept the most popular document formats for translation, including

  • Text formats: MS Word / MS Excel / MS Power Point / MS Access / MS OneNote / MS Publisher / Open Office / Google Docs / Google Sheets / Google Slides / Zip
  • Desktop Publishing: mif / idml / icml / xml / dita
  • Web development: htm / html / xhtml / dtd / json / yaml / yml
  • Interchange Formats: xliff / sdlxliff / tmx / ttx / xlf
  • Software: properties / resx / xml / sxml / txml / dita / strings / Android xml / srt / wix / po / g
  • Scanned Files: pdf / bmp / png / gif / jpeg / jpg / tiff


How does Pangeanic document translation work?

Our document translation process is easy and straightforward. You have several options.


Send us your document

An expert translation project management team will analyze your needs and offer you the best methodology to save time and money.


Use our platform

You can upload your document to our job management platform for greater privacy. This option is ideal for both a human-certified document translation serviceand machine translation of documents that you do not wish to send by email.


For large translation projects or recurring projects

If you have large or recurring document translation needs, we recommend integration with our production system (ECO platform) for seamless API-based document processing. You can use one of our subscription packages, including pure human translation, Machine Translation post-editing, or Machine Translation

Our team of translators will carefully review the original document and translate it accordingly.

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We translate documents in all the languages of the world!

Pangeanic not only translates documents into major languages of the world, official languages of the UN, EU, etc. We also translate into languages with fewer speakers or challenging language combinations, such as from English to Chinese or Japanese, Catalan, Basque to English, etc. And of course, we have a dedicated team to translate documents into English.

Below are some of our most popular languages:

Pangeanic: Experts in document translation services

When you use Pangeanic document translation services, you are trusting a powerful brand with decades of experience in translation services and thousands of successful deliveries and clients around the globe. Here’s the secret to our success.


Experienced translators that are native speakers of their target languages. By using the latest tools in terminology management and computer-assisted translation, we ensure that your documents are translated accurately, with the correct terminology and with the correct cultural nuances.



We use a secure translation process to protect your privacy and even anonymize content before translation. Your users’, clients’ data will never be shared with translators if they do not need to be. Our Anonymization software then reconstructs the personal data.

Seguridad datos


Variety of payment options and subscription plans to fit your budget, for human services, high-quality machine translation for large volumes or the human-in-the-loop option.


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