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Automatic Summarization


Summarize texts (pages, paragraphs, or complete documents)


The platform creates another document using Machine Learning software


Obtain an abstractive or extractive summary containing the most relevant points of the original document


Extract knowledge from documents and reduce manual processes

What benefits can Summarization bring to your company?

Automatic data Summarization is part of Machine Learning and Data Mining. The main objective of Summarization is to find a subset of the data that contains the main "information" of the complete set. Similar techniques are now widely used in industry. For example, search engines. Document Summarization aims to create a representative summary of the entire document by searching for the most informative sentences. Similar techniques can be used in Image Summarization, using software to find the most representative and important images.


Types of Summarization

Extractive Summarization

The subset of existing words, phrases or sentences of the original text is used to make a summary.

Abstract Summarization

Abstract Summarization provides a brief summary of the text, possibly using words not included in the original. Our system is trained with heuristic approaches to understand the entire context and generate a summary based on that understanding.

Pangeanic has developed technologies for Summarization services that allow a coherent summary of any text, taking into account variables such as length, syntax, data, figures, persons, as well as writing style.

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Pangeanic's Summarization tools can extract the most important elements of a document using state-of-the-art mathematical calculations to determine the most relevant parts of a document.


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