We are a Natural Language Processing company and our goal is to translate, anonymize and categorize the world's content.

We combine human and artificial intelligence to enable our clients to extract insights from data in a scalable way across different industries.


At Pangeanic, we work in different industries:


Automotive translation

Our star service, professional documentation and translation for the automotive industry.

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Social and economic reports

Corporate and social economy and the service sector.

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Business news translation services

Professional translation of your company and industry news for the world to see.

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Scientific journal translation services

Specialized translation or proofreading services for scientific or academic purposes.

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Scientific and medical translation services

Specialized medical translation services.

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IT and software translation

Specialized translation services in programming and IT.

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Financial and legal translation

We are specialized in legal documents, patents, contracts and reliable and accurate financial translations.

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Translation for the tourism industry

We are specialists in tourist translation by native linguists with exceptional cultural knowledge.

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Technical translation

Professional translation of: manuals, specifications, technical documentation, machinery, electronics, engineering, etc.

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Video games

Language localization, including voices and machine translation for quick interactions.

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Do you need a professional service for translations in a specific industry?

We want to help you grow your business. We combine human and artificial intelligence in order to provide you with a custom service. Let technology do the work for you.

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