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Do need a professional translator to translate your hotel’s website, tourist brochures, even sophisticated menus for your restaurant?

At Pangeanic, you will find a professional translation service that will not give you just first translation. We are experts in translations for the tourism industry. Your documents will be checked, reviewed and proofread by professional translators in compliance with the European translation EN15038 standard.

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If you need your translations to reflect a quality service, you cannot risk your reputation and prestige with translations entrusted to friends, acquaintances, or even your own staff. A bad translation gives a poor image of your establishment and your company. The tourism industry and the hospitality sector is all about positive experiences. So imagine the damage and how long-lasting the pain of being seen as cutting corners in translation compared to the short pleasure of having saved a few dollars, euros, pounds or in the translation of a few words. We have all been witness and read ‘curious’ messages at some hotels and smiled at some tourist brochures. Remember that translation errors cost the French tourism industry some €12 million ($13,5 million) in 2014…


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Pangeanic, your perfect partner for translations for the tourism industry

We have a long history in providing translation services for tourism sector professionals at Pangeanic. Our main goal is to meet the communication needs of companies that provide hospitality services to foreign tourists from reports that need a Spanish translation, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, Norwegian… From translations for resorts’ information, to your advertising, marketing brochures, to professional hotel websites, financial reports for residents in a country whose language they do not speak to legal document translation.

Other specialist translation areas include the translation of menus for restaurants, hotels’ literature and documentation, resorts’ brochures, blogs, bed&breakfast and hostel websites, guides, tourist information leaflets and welcome packs, and any other document which the tourist can need in his/her native language.

We always use native professional translators and the first translation is reviewed by a second translator with attention to every detail in order to get an optimal final text. We put ourselves in the skin of the tourist who has chosen your establishment as a destination and expects to be able to enjoy and have a good experience. The translation of tourist texts does not often contain a large number of technical terms. It usually features a very creative language that is characteristic of the tourism sector. This language is rather specific, as it tends to deal with very leisurely and pleasurable activities. It requires a full understanding of all the nuances and hues of the original document before translation in order to deliver a stylish version.

The language of the tourism sector is often creative, requires a vast knowledge of its own terminology and, as it is the case with the translation of marketing documents and advertising, the translator needs to be fully concentrated and dedicated as you must “turn” the text properly into the target language, occasionally explaining situations, flavors, customs, etc.

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Machine Translation Technology for the tourism industry

Is it possible to use machine translation to translate brochures and quality material for the tourism and hospitality sector? We would not recommend it unless the text was fully and deeply post-edited by a human translator. However, there is an area where machine translation can make the difference: online reviews, offline reviews at your hotel’s website. This is low-value content for your own use or for reference only. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the comments on your website could be understood by all your clients? Our proprietary machine translation technology makes it possible. Please check our machine translation API section if you would like us to build a connector to your website so translations can be displayed automatically.

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Do you need a professional translation service for your touristic documents?

We want to help you grow your business. We combine human and artificial intelligence in order to provide you with a custom service. Let technology do the work for you.

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