Save time and costs in document translation with human-like Machine Translation solutions. SaaS, private, or on-premises. CAT-tool integration

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Typical Machine Translation applications


Legal texts (international litigation) and law firms


Financial institutions (banks, etc.)




Social networks


Governments and public administrations


Tourism, travel, hotel and hospitality businesses


Media and communication


Translation companies


Printing/publishing companies

Near-human quality Adaptive MT for translating hundreds of millions of words in record time for knowledge extraction. Improve scalability in language processing and translation of documents or websites, thanks to our human-in-the-loop process.

We offer Machine Translation services to law firms that require fast data evaluation in international litigation with the integration of e-Discovery services. Our ECO Platform can translate documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint files and many other formats from our secure translation cloud or from a licensed server.


Banks, financial institutions, international institutions and consulting firms prefer to integrate machine translation into their infrastructure and translate documents within their own intranet. Pangeanic offers translation engines for in-house use or complete machine translation systems.

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Types of Neural Machine Translation

Pangeanic offers near-human quality Machine Translation for different applications



  • Standard engines for general translation (translating documents, sentences, etc.)
  • In our private cloud infrastructure. Your data is kept safe in its own space or deleted after use.
  • Standard engines that you can customize with your own data and build your own translation system in our cloud.
  • Machine Translation API.
  • Document translator.

In your own infrastructure


  • Customized Machine Translation engines with your own or domain-specific data to grow and enhance your own translation system in your own infrastructure or cloud.
  • Complete Machine Translation systems (corporate versions) in your own infrastructure.
  • A branch of our own corporate version.
  • Integrated systems (API)
  • Document translator.

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