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EFE, also known as Agencia EFE, is a global news agency based in Spain. Founded in 1939, it is the largest news agency in Spanish and the fourth largest in the world in terms of distribution. It offers global coverage in several languages, including Spanish, English, Portuguese, Catalan, Galician, and Basque, as well as Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian. EFE provides news, photos, videos, infographics, graphics, and multimedia services to media outlets, companies, and organizations worldwide. Its mission is to collect, process, and distribute accurate, timely, and relevant information.



Provide machine translation services to EFE’s editorial in-house system. Link input news and live coverage to Pangeanic engines 24/7. Journalists receive the original news plus and a parallel document on screen for editing, adding their knowledge, etc.

The system must avoid certain words and use preferred expressions, supporting +1,000 journalists in their daily work (overall staff 3,000).


Pangeanic's solution

The ECO platform for adaptive machine translation with a dedicated API for AI Translation, using a combination of neural networks-based engines and LLM.



Q1 2024: 36 million words

2023: 43 million words

2022: 52 million words

2021: 26 million words (since July)

EFE used non-customized generic online engines in the past, with unsatisfactory results. Pangeanic then proceeded to create a custom workflow using previous repositories, data, and user feedback. Since Q4 2023, we have included an automatic LLM review to take care of feedback and specific generation.
Pangeanic has not only made EFE news processing more efficient, allowing the selling of more content and international reporting with its document translation platform, but it also provides a translation at scale compared with traditional translation services.
If EFE were to use human translation services, they would not only have to wait days or weeks to translate some documents but would also pay over 300 times the cost of the automated translation platform. EFE has a gold subscription to Pangeanic’s machine translation services.


Key benefits:

  1. Increased efficiency: Pangeanic Machine translation processes massive volumes of text in a matter of seconds, allowing news corporations to translate breaking news and keep up with global trends quickly. It can also make archive content available to worldwide users.
  2. Cost reduction: Machine translation is more cost-effective than human translation, especially for large-scale projects. It also reduces costs associated with reviewing and editing human translations.
  3. Scalability: The novel combination of NMT and LLM quality and style review allows EFE to produce more content in more languages following company guidelines.
  4. Consistency: Machine translation can ensure consistent translation of industry-specific terms and phrases, improving the accuracy and overall quality of translations.
  5. Accessibility: Machine translation allows news corporations to reach wider audiences by offering translated content in multiple languages. This not only increases the corporation's visibility but also promotes a deeper understanding of world events.
  6. Quality: State-of-the-art machine translation systems, like those offered by Pangeanic, use advanced algorithms and machine learning to produce high-quality, increasingly indistinguishable from human translations.


Download Pangeanic and EFE’s joint presentation at GALA 2024 conference in Valencia

Download Pangeanic and EFE’s joint presentation at LocWorld 2024 Dublin Valencia

Nos gusta la filosofía de trabajo de Pangeanic así como su profesionalidad. Su constante trabajo de escucha activa hacia el cliente les hace mejorar cada día más y esa, bajo mi punto de vista, es una de sus grandes cualidades.
Rafael de Jorge
Director de Marketing - Onahotels
Servicio rápido y eficiente. Encontramos la creación de una base de datos de traducciones realizadas por parte de Pangeanic una herramienta muy útil para otras ocasiones y/o trabajos similares.
Chloe Wu
La calidad es excelente, como de costumbre. El texto de origen cambió muchas veces durante el proceso de traducción. Pangeanic reaccionó rápidamente a los cambios, lo cual nos ayudó mucho.
Eisuke Seki
ES Japan

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