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Try our custom LLM Masker


Fuel your Machine Learning with optimum AI training datasets

Train smarter AI with Pangeanic's commercial datasets.

Companies and startups seek dependable sources of AI training datasets and Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) to improve system accuracy. Pangeanic has a strong track record in supplying high-quality training datasets for AI, contributing to the advancement of the world's best AI systems.

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Discover our Data Solutions:


Parallel Corpus for MT systems

Our stock, translation and post-editing services have been used to train some of the world's most popular online machine translation systems.

Parallel Corpus for MT systems


Monolingual Datasets

This data is essential for LLM training, as it allows the model to learn the nuances of a particular language more effectively.

Monolingual Datasets


Monolingual Datasets for LLMs

Quality monolingual datastes to build or fine-tune your LLM or GenAI project.

Monolingual Datasets for LLMs


Speech Datasets for AI

Enhance the capabilities of your Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) models with a strong focus on Ethical AI, from collection to cleansing and delivery.

Speech Datasets for AI


Training Data for Chatbots

We offer Chatbot Training Data services, including training phrases and intent classification.

Training Data for Chatbots


Text Data Annotation Services

Enhance your machine learning models with high-quality text data annotation services

Speech Datasets for AI


Speech Annotation

Use Pangeanic's AI technology and human ingenuity to bring your voice projects to life.

Speech Annotation


PECAT: AI Data Annotation Management Platform

Our AI data annotation management platform offers a comprehensive solution that represents a paradigm shift in data annotation management.

PECAT: AI Data Annotation Management Platform

Listed in Gartner Hype Cycle for NLP Technologies - Neural Machine Translation

In Gartner's recent analysis on the risks and opportunities of adopting language technologies, they specifically mentioned our Neuronal Machine Translation (NMT) and praised our ability to tailor and adapt the NMT models according to our clients' requirements.

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Mention by Gartner for our NMT

We have been NLP developers since 2010, leading numerous European and national NLP, machine learning, and data collection projects. Our expertise includes data collection and specific data augmentation for text-based datasets, benefiting our NLP solutions, such as machine translation and Q&A systems. We stand out as a top choice for acquiring thematic image datasets, speech datasets in multiple languages, and other domains like finance, call centers, or physician-patient dialogs. Our offerings encompass various data types for AI training, including parallel data (essential for machine translation systems), annotated data (for Named Entity Recognition), thematic videos and images, sentiment analysis (positive or negative opinions), and speech labeling/annotation, including phonetic transcriptions. We can provide substantial, scalable datasets thanks to our extensive parallel corpora repository.

Are you a generative AI company in search of data for success?

In today's data-driven world, large enterprises hold a competitive edge. At Pangeanic, we recognize the significance of high-quality data. We're here to assist you in overcoming data access challenges, establishing partnerships, and protecting sensitive information. Don't let a lack of data get in your way; contact us today to boost your success in generative AI!

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Types of Data:


Power your Large Language Model Training with Human Big Data

Optimize your LLM training with human structured datasets, sourced from across the web or synthetic data with human review. 


Optimize ML models

Improve the performance of your models with diverse structured datasets, images or speech.


Train or fine-tune your Large Language Model

Such as Llama2, BERT, XLNet, T5, ELMO, RoBERTa with our monolingual data for LLMs. Get more accurate and relevant results with mass, curated datasets from across the web or our manufacturing – with human-in-the-loop!


Enhance NLP applications

Build better Nature Language Processing apps, fine-tune them and add more language cover for translation with datasets featuring improved annotation quality, data representation, and language variety.


Improve keyword extraction and summarization

Feed your Machine Learning models with huge datasets for superior keyword and phrases extraction and summarization, in any language!


Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback

Need a custom human service vendor to decide how well your last training went? Pangeanic offers RLHF services so that humans make your AI more accurate.


We test-train models for QA and information retrieval

Improve your question-answering models with massive quality datasets in any language. Data collection and data creation services available. Obtain higher relevance.

Customized data collection in any language you need: Datasets for AI training and AI testing from our NLP team!

Pangeanic can offer large amounts of scalable datasets for AI training thanks to its huge repository of 10 billion aligned data segments or offer customized human-based solutions for datasets used for training AI.

With 20+ years of experience in language services, and as NLP developers since 2009, each project is carefully evaluated and a specific set of rules is created for our professional linguists to manage the data collection. All Pangeanic data for AI training is scalable, accurate and tailored to the particular needs of each client.


Data for Training AI: Key Aspects and Best Practices

Would you like to find out why Data is so important for training AI?

This ebook is for you!

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Types of Data for AI training

Parallel Text Data for Deep Learning and Machine Learning

We provide clean, parallel segments from our large database, or as on-demand translation services. All translated data undergoes strict quality controls and checks to ensure that it is clean and valid for Machine Learning.


At Pangeanic we are used to managing large translation resources in different time zones and production peaks, and we work with more than 85 languages and combinations that do not include English (Polish-German, Spanish-Chinese, Arabic-French, among others).

Human input is key to the success of any Machine/Deep Learning project and guarantees much less noise than web translation alignment (scraping) or crowdsourcing. As developers of Machine Translation systems, we understand the effects that poor quality data can have on any algorithm, and use scalable human processes combined with our extensive experience in quality control of translation services.

Pangeanic has an entire department in charge of collecting, verifying, cleaning, gathering, augmenting and selecting Parallel Data.

Image and Video Data

Pangeanic can label image and video data in order to train object recognition systems.

We understand that any object recognition system requires large image datasets. Our engineering team will work closely with you to create compatible annotation and labeling data segmentation.

Our customized services include Image Capture and Annotation (e.g. bounding boxes, handwriting recognition and multilingual video transcription).


Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis tools are developed to analyze strings, documents, text snippets or social media posts to determine user sentiment/opinions. Sentiment Analysis combines Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to achieve this.

Sentiment Analysis is a powerful Artificial Intelligence technique that has important business applications.

We can provide positive, negative and neutral human rating of content on our platform and export them so that you can build your own multilingual opinion raters.


Audio Data

We can combine new multilingual Audio Data and classify [label] them as positive, negative and neutral opinions. Annotation services are also available.

Automatic speech recognition systems require large amounts of high-quality audio data recorded in numerous contexts and environments. Pangeanic has the resources to provide customized audio datasets that match specific requirements such as age, accent, language, speaker profile, subject and also background noise.


Why Pangeanic?

As companies around the world seek to harness the potential of AI, they need to obtain data from a variety of sources to train it. Pangeanic is the perfect partner to provide you with the data that can grow and enhance your systems.

We have the right combination of experts in Data Science, Linguistics, Development and Human Resources to obtain quality data for your processes.


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