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Translation Company

We have a team of more than 25,000 native translators with experience in a wide variety of industries that provide agility, flexibility and assurance to your translation project.

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Multilingual DTP

Don't make life complicated by redoing the layout of your documents in other languages. Request our multilingual DTP service and save time, money and effort. We work with any language, including right-to-left or double-byte character languages.

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Transcription services

If you need to convert any type of audiovisual material into a multilingual document, you need transcription services. Pangeanic can provide you with accurate audio and video transcriptions for the best price.

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E-commerce translation

We help you improve your online presence and sell more through the translation of e-commerce sites and online stores.

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Website translation

Professional website translation by experts from around the world to help you improve your search engine ranking.

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Machine translation

Near-human quality adaptive MT to translate hundreds of millions of words in record time. Improve scalability with NLP and document or website translation thanks to our human interaction (human-in-the-loop).

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At Pangeanic we have post-editing experts with proven experience working with the results of our machine translation engines and specialized in different areas.

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We offer translation services in more than 250 languages

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Let Artificial Intelligence do the work for you

Learn more about the machine translation services we develop at Pangeanic. Customized solutions for growing your business internationally.

Machine translation services