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Our translation API will provide you with a direct interface to our general Deep Adaptive Machine Translation engines.

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The benefits of our professional translation API



Your text can be sent directly from your CMS, no login is required. The PangeaMT platform will send the translated text to your system.



The translation process is automated and there is no additional burden on your staff. We customize your engine with previously translated content. The engine will be your own private tool and will translate what you need.


Easy to use

We can start customizing the engine during the implementation phase. Once completed, your content can be automatically sent for translation.


Ideal for large volumes of text

Our translation API can provide customized Machine Translation engines for your particular needs, content and applied field. If you need human post-editing, the Pangeanic translation API can also enable human translation services.


Machine Translation of complete documents

Our ECO Platform can also be used for complete document translation services. You can process securely in batch format when you are dealing with hundreds or thousands of documents, emails, PDFs, Microsoft Office files such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, images, etc. Transmission is fully encrypted, and your content management system can be connected to the processing system to transfer files in the language of your choice.

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Who can benefit from the Pangeanic translation API?

Our translation API is particularly useful for clients needing large volumes of translation or in need of fast results.

The Pangeanic Translation API, based on custom engines, is currently used for:

  • Translation companies that wish to create efficient post-editing or Deep Adaptive engines with 90% human parity for their customers.
  • Large content producers looking to automate translation processes.
  • Organizations, companies, corporations, public administrations and government agencies that require document translation services.
  • E-commerce translation.
  • Mobile app translation.
  • Blog translation.
  • CMS-generated text translation.
  • SEO and SEO-driven companies for fast keyword translation.
  • Public opinion analysis companies that require a good translation to correctly frame a certain topic.

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Our Machine Translation API supports:


  • SDL

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