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Deep Adaptive MT

Fast delivery of multilingual content with near-human quality machine translation.

Deep Adaptive MT



Protect your data, your customers' privacy and your company's reputation with Masker.



Text Classification

Automatically categorize documents according to knowledge classifiers. The service can be customized to your organization's structure, terminology and processes.

Text Classification


Named Entity Recognition

Our recognizer successfully identifies personal names, as well as names of organizations or geographic locations, and can also extract and identify other entities.

Named Entity Recognition


Sentiment Analysis

Gather information about your users' opinions with our sentiment analysis tool. Customizable, tried-and-tested technology for a wide range of topics and in any language.

Sentiment Analysis



Automatically generate a summary with the most relevant concepts. Summarize in an extractive or abstractive way.


Other language technologies

If you are looking for other NLP solutions for your business, discover the different language processes we develop at Pangeanic: chatbot systems, eDiscovery, data for AI, and much more.



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We like Pangeanic's work ethos and professionalism. They actively listen to their clients - and that helps them be the best every day to provide tailored language solutions. From my point of view, that's one of their greatest qualities.
Rafael de Jorge
Marketing Director - Onahotels
Pangeanic makes the translation process easy... And they provide a friendly, fast translation service. Creating a database for all our translations was particularly useful so we could recycle translations and re-use content in other occasions and/or similar jobs.
Chloe Wu
The quality is excellent as usual. The source has been changed many times during the translation. Pangeanic was quick to respond to the changes and it was helpful.
Eisuke Seki
ES Japan

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Natural Language Processing in Short

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the subfield of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that focuses on how computers can understand, process and generate human language, either spoken or written. It involves the development of algorithms and statistical models that enable computers to process, understand, and generate natural language data. All developments at Pangeanic are geared towards the scalable processing of language, creating computer models to perform tasks that would normally require human-level understanding of language, such as text classification (document and email classification), sentiment analysis, machine translation, question answering, detecting personal information so it can be redacted (anonymization), summarization, etc.


Our natural language processing solutions are powered by a combination of AI and human interaction. Save time and money by improving your business processes.

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Natural Language Processing includes several key tasks:

  1. Tokenization: breaking up text into individual words or tokens.

  2. Part-of-speech tagging: identifying the part of speech (such as noun, verb, adjective, etc.) of each word in a sentence. 

  3. Named entity recognition: identifying named entities (such as people, places, organizations, etc.) in text.

  4. Dependency parsing: analyzing the grammatical structure of sentences and identifying the relationships between words.

  5. Sentiment analysis: determining the emotional tone or sentiment of a piece of text.

  6. Machine translation: translating text from one language to another.

  7. Question answering: extracting answers to questions from a piece of text.

NLP has many applications, including:

  1. Text classification: categorizing text documents into predefined categories (such as spam vs. non-spam emails).

  2. Sentiment analysis: analyzing customer feedback or social media posts to determine public opinion about a product or service.

  3. Information retrieval: searching for relevant documents or passages of text based on a query. Pangeanic offers eDiscovery and Knowledge Extraction, custom developments when you have tons of data.

  4. Named entity recognition: Find personal details, actors, addresses, etc so they can redacted (anonymization) or even exported for post-processing.

  5. Chatbots: creating conversational interfaces that can understand and respond to user queries. 

  6. Speech recognition: transcribing spoken language into text.

  7. Language generation: generating natural language text from structured data or formal representations.

NLP is a rapidly evolving field, with new techniques and applications being developed all the time and recent trends in NLP include:

  1. Deep learning: using deep neural networks to improve the accuracy of NLP tasks.

  2. Pre-trained language models: training large language models on vast amounts of text data and fine-tuning them for specific NLP tasks.

  3. Multimodal NLP: combining NLP with computer vision or other modalities to analyze and generate multimodal content.

  4. Explainable AI: developing techniques to explain and interpret the decisions made by NLP systems.



Digital infrastructure projects for government agencies and public administrations

Pangeanic has led and participated in numerous digital infrastructure and R&D projects in the field of Machine Translation, Neural Machine Translation, document and data Anonymization, etc. 

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