Easily comply with GDPR and privacy regulations. Data Masking /Anonymization / Pseudonymization services

Protect your client's and team's personal data: SaaS, private, or on-premises for structured and unstructured data

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Protect your data, your customers' privacy and your company's reputation


Ensure data protection and privacy for your customers


Avoid fines and penalties by complying with GDPR and legal obligations


Allow your customers to put their trust in your business


Securely store and share information


Avoid unnecessary costs and effort


Monolingual or Multilingual Anonymization

Save time and money, and strengthen your organization's security with Masker

Data Anonymization consists of removing information that identifies a person, or published data about that person, so that no sensitive information can be attributed to an individual.

Since 2018, EU GDPR has brought about stricter control regarding the ways that companies and organizations handle personal data. Our Anonymization service covers the need to guarantee data security and customer privacy, and to comply with current legislation.

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At Pangeanic we simplify Data Anonymization

Masker, Pangeanic's Anonymization tool, uses AI to automatically identify personal data and replace sensitive information using different Anonymization techniques. In addition, it is multilingual.

Our tool is trained to customize Anonymization as much as possible, according to the needs of your company or industry.


Select the documents you want to anonymize

It's as simple as dragging and dropping the documents you want to protect into the platform. Masker accepts all types of formats: pptx, docx, xlsx, txt, cvs, tsv, odt, and many more.


Choose the type of masking

Reduce tracking of sensitive data by selecting the type of masking that best suits your needs. Choose between: ID Tag, Substitution, Redaction or Gaps.


Anonymize with just one click

Click on the "Anonymize" button and you are done! Your documents are protected.

Try Masker, our Anonymization service, with a non-binding, free and secure demo.

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Subscriptions to Masker, our Anonymization Services

 Prices in USD ($)

Silver Masker

3 months

€ 500

1000 pages

  • Extra Page: € 0.8
  • Type of Anonymization: Redaction
  • Formats: .txt, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .pptx
  • Languages: 1
  • Users: 3
  • Dictionaries: Yes
  • Technical Assistance

Gold Masker

6 months

€ 900

2500 pages

  • Extra Page: € 0.7
  • Type of Anonymization: Redaction
  • Formats: .txt, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .pptx
  • Languages: 2
  • Users: 10
  • Dictionaries: Yes
  • Technical Assistance

Diamond Masker

12 months

€ 1600

6000 pages

  • Extra Page: € 0.5
  • Type of Anonymization: Redaction, Asterisks and Gaps
  • Formats: .txt, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .pptx
  • Languages: 3
  • Users: 20
  • Dictionaries: Yes
  • Technical Assistance

MyMasker My Solution

12 months

My price

My pages

  • Type of Anonymization: Redaction, Asterisks and Gaps
  • Pseudonymization: ID Tags and Substitution
  • Formats: .txt, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .pptx
  • Database: MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle
  • Image Anonymization
  • Languages: upon request
  • Users: upon request
  • Dictionaries: Yes
  • API Features
  • Possible On-Premises Installation

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Does your business collect and process personal data?

Ensure the privacy of your confidential documents

  • Medical documents
  • Legal documents
  • Bank details
  • Insurance policies
  • Public administrations
  • Consulting firms, etc.

Everything you need to know about Data Anonymization

If you want to comply with GDPR regulations, this ebook is for you! Find out which Anonymization service best suits your needs.

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Pangeanic leads the European MAPA Anonymization Project

Since 2020, Pangeanic has been leading the MAPA (Multilingual Anonymization toolkit for Public Administrations) project, which is supported by the European Union's CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) program and the NTEU (Neural Translation for the EU) project.

MAPA's objective is to develop a multilingual Anonymization tool, based on Named Entity Recognition (NER) and applicable to all EU languages. With this tool, European public administrations will be able to share data in compliance with GDPR requirements, while protecting users' privacy. This project is being carried out with open-source code in order to facilitate and help with future development.


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Do you need to anonymize your company's data?

We can help you simplify and customize your business data protection and Anonymization processes thanks to our technology based on Artificial Intelligence.

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