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Try our custom LLM Masker


We use Translation Memories to speed up the translation process

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Why are Translation Memories important?


They reduce costs


They save time


Translators have access to previously translated material and are able to follow the same style and terminology


More consistent text in your multilingual documents


All linguists working on the project have access to the same information

Maximizing the use of previous translations

Each time a translation project is completed, the translated text is stored in a Translation Memory database. A particular sentence can be used again the next time you translate content with a repetition or similar text.

Pangeanic can have several translators working on your project simultaneously, with a proofreader and a project manager overseeing the smooth running of the translation. They check and verify that it reads as if it were originally written in the target language. Translation Memories and terminology databases are often referred to as "linguistic assets."


To optimize the reuse of previously translated text, you need to set up a Translation Memory (if it is the first time), or update and improve your translation resources and keep them in line with your company's current style guides.

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Terminology: brand recognition around the world

Terminology and consistent use of your product names and technologies will help create your brand's identity. They will allow you to build a strong brand image. There are several factors that can protect your brand when going global, and having recognizable terminology is a very important factor. At Pangeanic, we incorporate the following considerations in all our projects.

1) Controlled and consistent use of the terminology used in each project.


2) Compliance with global and local language style guides, incorporating local distributor comments and feedback where necessary.

3) Compliance with global brand guidelines and toolkits.


At Pangeanic, we will help you expand internationally while maintaining your brand identity

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Style guides, strategy and terminology databases

Our team of expert translators will identify key terms, establish client-validated multilingual glossaries and create client and regional style guides. This must be done before the start of any translation or localization project to avoid delays, queries when the project is ongoing, and unproductive exchanges once the translation is completed. If changes are needed during the project, Pangeanic has a clearly defined process for requesting them. We make sure you are always in control, and your translated material helps you build an international brand.

Once a project is completed, the terminology database is updated. In the case of online translation projects, this can also happen instantaneously during the translation. This step ensures the highest quality and consistency of translation for each new translation project, as we will use validated terms to communicate your brand image in all translations.


Certified quality

We are fully certified to guarantee the quality of your Machine Translation.




Information Security






Medical Devices

Optimize your company's translation

Save up to 70% on your translations thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence.

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