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Try our custom LLM Masker


We help you reach global markets quickly.

How to internationalize your business? Make it easy with Pangeanic.

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Professional e-commerce translation services

We help you scale your online presence by translating e-commerce websites and stores into over 100 languages.

We translate large amounts of data with our quality Machine Translation tool to speed up the publishing process.

We optimize the content of your international web stores to deliver compelling customer experiences in many markets.


We help you grow internationally

Online retail is evolving. The demand for translation is massive, must be timely, and sometimes needs to be ready in a matter of days, if not hours or minutes. Less than 25% of Internet users are native English speakers. Most customers expect to be addressed and conduct transactions in their native language. We help you gain online visibility and sell more by translating e-commerce sites into as many languages as you want.



Achieve quick and quality international visibility


Discuss your needs with an expert

Upon contacting us, you will be assigned a Project Manager who will provide you with the necessary information to complete your quote and order.


Project management

Once the project has been assigned, an account will be created in XTRF, and our project management software will provide you with an accurate quote based on word count. It will calculate discounts for similar or repeated sentences, so you don't pay for the same translation twice.


Sending files

In order to be able to prepare a quote and carry out the translations, the files must be sent in an editable format.

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