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In 2000, we were a translation agency

We offered translation services to US clients, European brands and Asian manufacturers using computer-assisted translation tools.

Since that year we have specialized in the translation of automotive user manuals, manuals for consumer products, industrial machinery manuals, machinery for the medical sector and hospitals, certified translations, legal translations, etc.

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In 2010, we were the first translation company to put statistical machine translation into production

We revolutionized the translation industry. We used the first Moses statistical engine to automate processes and deliver fast translations to our clients. The academic publication of the results positioned Pangeanic as a world leader in the combination of human+machine language services.

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Since 2017, we have been applying neural networks to our translation services

And we are very proud to have served the European Commission, the Spanish Tax Agency, Veritone, Oxford University Press, Omron, Sony Europe and many translation agencies around the world.

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From 2022, we became the translation agency with anonymization software

Our heart beats as a translation agency, but we have evolved. Our clients demand more privacy. Technology permeates all of our processes and we apply all we have learned in the translation industry to deliver high-value NLP services to our customers by automating processes.

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Well-known brands and companies around the world rely on Pangeanic's translation services

amazon comision europea deepL FIFA IATA microsoft omron SUBARU veritone water commission world council churces Zoll Agencia EFE:

Automated document translation service

Our clients often need to understand documentation from other countries or even urgently send PowerPoint presentations or Word documents, and accept high-quality machine translation without human review. Both the Spanish Tax Agency and Omron LatAm use our ECO platform to translate thousands of pages per month with near-human quality. Documents are directly sent to our ECO platform and the client receives the reconstructed document in the desired language.

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330+ M in 2022

Words translated per year

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Express translation service

Thanks to our centers located all over the world, we can offer an urgent document translation service, with physical or digital delivery.


Website translation service

We have a whole IT team to help you connect your CMS (WordPress, Magento, etc.) to our translation agency and request human or machine translation. Even if it is an internal development in PHP or other technologies. Save time and money and publish automatically in any language.


Connect our translation agency's management system to your systems

You can upload your documents for peer-to-peer transmission and you will receive a download link for delivery once the work is ready. For large volumes or regular requests, we accept API calls.


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Human translation

Communication is what differentiates us humans from all other living beings. Nuances and cultural references need to be adapted. Human translation services can be a certified translation or an imaginative cross-cultural marketing message. They can be for regulated industries, such as pharmaceutical documentation, legal translation or user manuals that require the eye of a skilled translator. We have more than 20 years of experience as a translation agency.

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Machine translation

Our customized machine translation solutions are recognized by industry professionals.

Enjoy the power of AI translation models built with your own terminology and style, in your infrastructure or ours (SaaS), including automated document translation services. Use MT for Call Center support and to understand your customers and users.

Visit our machine translation section.

Human-assisted translation services with machine translation

Combine the best of both worlds and take advantage of the power of machine translation while adding that human touch to publish more and better.

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Why is Pangeanic your translation agency?

Pangeanic's purpose as a translation agency is to combine AI with human ingenuity so that our clients can use and publish native translations by the best translators working in their native language.

Complete language solutions

There is no original text or format we cannot handle. When we talk about complete solutions, we are talking about LangOps. This means being the complete solution to any linguistic challenge your organization may have and embedding language from inception so your services and products are born multilingual.

Only professional native translators

We work with thousands of native translators who only translate into their mother tongue, wherever they may be. With the increasing mobility and popularity of remote work, the best translators are often not in their countries of birth.

A powerful technological platform

Centralized project management, online translation or proofreading tools, and terminology management with maximum security and privacy.

We are your partner for this journey

At our translation agency, we help you tackle the processes, guide you and propose scalable strategies based on your priorities, forecasts and deadlines.

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We like Pangeanic's work ethos and professionalism. They actively listen to their clients - and that helps them be the best every day to provide tailored language solutions. From my point of view, that's one of their greatest qualities.
Rafael de Jorge
Marketing Director - Onahotels
The quality is excellent as usual. The source has been changed many times during the translation. Pangeanic was quick to respond to the changes and it was helpful.
Eisuke Seki
ES Japan
Pangeanic makes the translation process easy... And they provide a friendly, fast translation service. Creating a database for all our translations was particularly useful so we could recycle translations and re-use content in other occasions and/or similar jobs.
Chloe Wu

Do you need a professional translation agency?

We want to help you grow your business. We combine human and artificial intelligence in order to provide you with a custom service. Let technology do the work for you.

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