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As the second most spoken language in the world and the language of international trade and finance, clear communication and a reliable English translation service with native English speakers is a basic requirement for most companies. Expert and concise communication when translating into English is more important than ever, because your English translations are a reflection of the service your business will provide.


Legal, medical, technical... any type of professional translation of linguistic documents


Expert quality translations that comply with EN and ISO standards. Translation, editing, proofreading


Don't worry about formats when you need to translate documents into another language. We can process many formats, such as InDesign, Microsoft formats, Illustrator, PDF, XML, websites, Javascript, help files, etc.


Translation services from English into any language

Only the best translation agencies in the world can boast such a diverse range of translation tools. This also allows us to manage the terminological accuracy of each of our English translations. These tools facilitate quality control checks by our expert English translators once the first translator delivers his or her translation.

With Pangeanic you will never pay twice for the translation of the same sentence. How? Because at Pangeanic we create databases that maintain an accurate translation of common English phrases and expressions and that we can consult to guarantee a translation that will read as if it were an English original.

Our English translations can be used immediately to market to more businesses and consumers, to publish on the web, or to reach an English-speaking audience worldwide. We want to make sure that our English translation services meet your exact needs and enhance your reputation. Pangeanic always works to offer you a fast translation at a competitive price.

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Translation services from any language into English

We work hard to select, in each case, the best mother tongue translators of the language of your choice with the highest proficiency in English. No translation dictionary can match the cultural knowledge and deep understanding of a human translator. Our translators from English into the language of your choice work in their native language with full knowledge of all the nuances of English. Your production is then edited and proofread by native speakers of English and the other language in accordance with the European Translation Standards ISO 15038 and ISO 9001 to provide a final version with no trace of the text having gone through translation.

Contact our team and let them know the type of translation you need, whether it is a long or short text, and the type of service you would like to receive.

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English website translation services

With more than 508 million speakers of this language, a high-quality translation of your website is essential.

With the experience of our professional translation agency, we want to surprise you by turning your website into perfectly optimized content with the best keywords, metatags and descriptions, and thus a magnet for the public. Our translation services use the latest combination of translation technologies applied for the web to translate complete websites in WordPress (used by 70% of websites), Joomla, Drupal or e-commerce such as Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify, Prestashop, etc.


Translation services into English:

Medical translation

Through our medical translation team, certified to the European translation standard EN 15038 and ISO 9001, we ensure professional translation for the medical field.

We help pharmaceutical, life sciences and healthcare companies reach global markets. We also work with companies in: biological sciences, and medical and sanitary equipment manufacturing and distribution. Our translators are experts in this type of medical translations.

English legal translation

Our extensive network includes expert and professional translators in English, French, German, Italian, etc.strong>, who are familiar with and have specific training in the legal system and terminology of the field. Our main legal services:

  • Searching for information and litigation in a specific language
  • Web crawling
  • Document management in different languages
  • Machine translation or automatic summary of news
  • Virtual rooms

Transcription services

Pangeanic is your ideal partner for professional translation services, as our translators work with all types of legal documents and have experience verified by our translation processes. Areas in which we specialize include patent applications, confidentiality agreements, merger and acquisition agreements, commercial contracts, etc.


The dangers of poor translation services

We have all heard of or seen examples of poor translation at one point or another. With Pangeanic this will not happen to you. Our job is to ensure that no poor translation will affect your company's image.


Our motto is: "Quality is never expensive, lack of it always is."

We have the tools and technology to offer competitive translation rates and fast translation services. The dangers of not using reliable translators or a professional translation service when translating include:

  • An increase in the total cost of testing due to poor translations.
  • Delays in marketing and country launches.
  • Unintelligible or unusable translations, poor material that may result in lawsuits or rejection of your product in the market by local regulators.
  • Loss of reputation and a bad image in the market.
  • And, of course, the need to re-translate existing material.

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