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We have built a personal data masking layer so that your PII is not transmitted to AI systems. ChatGPT and other Large Language Models are changing the way organizations work and there is growing concern around how corporations and governments can use it at scale and integrate it while respecting privacy regulations.

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ChatGPT Integration

Challenges of using ChatGPT

Sharing PII in the cloud

Many companies are now automating their processes around ChatGPT. As a customer-facing company, you want to benefit from the advantages ChatGPT offers. But how can you ensure the transmission of data to and from ChatGPT is performed in a privacy-safe way?

Seguridad datos


Privacy laws, such as Europe’s GDPR, the Healthcare-focused HIPAA, CCPA in California, LGPD in Brazil and APPI in Japan, protect the consumer and place the onus on the data collectors and data processors to ensure that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is not shared without the consumer’s consent. The risk of large fines as a result of privacy breaches or the unintended publication of PII means companies need to carefully consider their workflows when using tools like ChatGPT, or any content creation tool or translation solution.

Limitations of using ChatGPT for translation

ChatGPT can produce a passable translation to and from any language. While this is suitable for situations where the consequences of communicating the wrong message are low, companies should understand the limitations of using ChatGPT for translation. ChatGPT is a Large Language Model (LLM). This type of translation method relies on large databases to provide the most likely correct translation. The most advanced translation systems work with neural networks, which perform translations  similarly to the human brain. They can identify more complex patterns in language, and are shown to be more accurate, especially with shorter texts.

To add to the precision limitation, it is worth mentioning that this model works well in more or less 10 languages, but it is not as reliable in other less popular languages.


Pangeanic’s personal data masking layer for ChatGPT integration

ChatGPT  Integration MASKER


Based on our extensive experience in Data Masking and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Pangeanic introduces Masker, a multilingual Data Masking solution for unstructured data (documents) and structured data (databases) that allows companies to converse with ChatGPT, while respecting the European GDPR and other Privacy laws such as APPI in Japan, LGPD in Brazil, etc.

MASKER, Pangeanic’s Anonymization technology, can be seamlessly integrated into your workflow via encrypted API calls prior to any prompt or query to ChatGPT to provide a ‘Privacy layer’ so that any personal data sent to ChatGPT is removed and pseudonymized. Only sanitized data is sent in prompts, creating an ethical and privacy compliant environment in our use of AI.

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Our anonymization tool, Masker, will allow you to make the most of these models in a customized and secure environment, without revealing personal details.

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