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Full GDPR-compliant data anonymization services. Proprietary, AI-based techniques. Monolingual or multilingual anonymization.

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Protect your data, your clients’ privacy and your corporate reputation

Avoid sanctions by anonymizing your company’s personal data and complying with EU’s GDPR, national and state privacy legislations.

The key idea in anonymization is to remove information identifying a person or data about that person from the published data, so no sensitive information can be attributed to a person. This is now a GDPR requirement for all European companies and companies worldwide dealing with European citizens’ data and applies to communications and publishing and release of data.

The anonymization procedure is not limited to the removal of direct identifiers that might exist in a dataset, In a more aggressive approach, other data (secondary information like family relations, job description, etc.) could be used to identify a person and may require anonymization as well.

Protect your data, your clients’ privacy and your corporate reputation. Pangeanic
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PangeaMT offers several data anonymization processes, all destroying tracks, electronic trail, on the data that would lead to data miuse, to reveal personal details or an eavesdropper to its origins. From 2018, EU’s GDPR legislation has made it compulsory to delete personal data for companies and organizations. Pharmaceutical, insurance, legal firms to name a few, and any company that needs to reveal personal data are particularly affected.

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Is your business based on collecting and processing personal data?

Companies that have based their business model on the free gathering of personal data to feed their algorithms will be particularly hit.





100Mb of data for low or occasional use3Gb+ 3GbOn-premises
Self-employedCorporateEnterpriseComplete anonymization solution
Ideal for low use, remote connectionsIdeal for low use, remote connections.Large anonymization needsRun it from your infrastructure
Ideal for low use, remote connectionsControl panelSecure https or optional Domibus AS4Large anonymization needs
Contact usUp to 3 usersUnlimited usersSecure https or optional Domibus AS4
Contact usInquire for detailsUnlimited users
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How does PangeaMT anonymization work?

Electronic files used by

  • Legal experts
  • Financial institutions
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Consulting firms
  • Hospitals and healthcare companies
  • Public administration
  • etc.

Typically contain personal contact data. This data contains enough information on the file that leaves a trail to the sender, user, client, citizen. Furthermore, the sender’s information may be traced from the data logged after the file is sent. However, if the file is anonymized using our systems, personal names, addresses, emails, numbers such as bank accounts and credit cards, even family relations or drugs being used by the patient are offuscated with a meaningless level such as [PERS1], [LOC2] or [NUM3]. Personal data associated with the person cannot be traced to a sender, user, citizen or patient.

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