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The Pangeanic translation team has many years of experience in translating texts foreign languages into their native languages.

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Manuel Herranz


A translation industry expert, Manuel is a double graduate in engineering and linguistics. He worked as a training engineer for Ford Motor Company’s tool suppliers, being heavily involved in engineer training for the engine plants in Valencia (Spain) and Chihuahua (Mexico). Manuel also worked for Rolls Royce Marine and Industrial at co-generation plants for Cepsa (Huelva, Spain) and Ushuaia (Argentina).

European Director for the B.I Corporation of Japan in the early 2000’s, he established Pangeanic in a friendly buy-out in 2005. Collaboration with Valencia’s Polytechnic research group and the Computer Science Institute led to the creation of the PangeaMT platform, becoming the first LSP in the world to implement open source Moses successfully in a commercial environment.

Manuel’s vision is to automate language processes and multilingual publication in as many channels as possible. He has a keen interest in web crawling, machine translation and making the web as multilingual as possible.

When not working and developing, Manuel spends time supporting NGO actions like the Malima Project, Translators Without Borders, medical research into rare diseases and sports events.