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Machine Translation of legal documents by Pangeanic




European integration reaches the courts, driving demands at European level. The machine translation of documents aids communication between each of the parties in a fast, simple and cost-effective way.

Machine Translation of legal documents by Pangeanic


The sanction applied against the members of the truck cartel by the European Commission on July 19, 2016 and its subsequent publication on April 6, 2017 opened a series of claims for thousands of affected people from different countries of the European Union.

The defendants asked the court to have the filed claims translated into their language in order to understand why they were sued, and the court decided that the claimants should be the ones to translate the claims.

Varona Asesores, one of the law firms that has filed claims on behalf of its clients, found that it had to translate thousands of pages in a very short period of time.

Pangeanic's solution

Pangeanic analysed the needs of the client on the basis of: price, delivery time and translation quality. Our team offered machine translation in order to be able to meet all the requirements set by Varona Aserores.



What is this Pangeanic service?

The end result was a set of multilingual, open-source, ready-to-use anonymization tools capable of detecting personal data (names, addresses, emails, credit card and bank account numbers, etc.) as defined by implementation cases in different member states.

It is a machine translation service developed by Pangeanic that the client uses directly by logging in with their own credentials.

  1. Document management: 

    ◦ Sending and analysing the document ◦ Format management (Office family, OpenOffice, PDF, plain text, html / xml ...) 

    ◦ Extraction of translatable text using the standard OKAPI and OCR services

  2. Translation: Pangeanic’s machine translation service chooses the appropriate translation tools, developed and customized with the correct terminology, and then the text is translated.

  3. Delivery: The translated document is made available to the customer, maintaining the original format. 

The servers that handle client requests are hosted in Pangeanic's private cloud. Customer information is only stored during the execution of the service.



Machine translation, when applied to the translation of legal documents, supposes a considerable saving of costs in judicial processes, generally due to the large number of documents to be translated.

Delivery times can be immediate if required by the client.

Machine translation engines that are trained by Pangeanic guarantee high translation quality.


We like Pangeanic's work ethos and professionalism. They actively listen to their clients - and that helps them be the best every day to provide tailored language solutions. From my point of view, that's one of their greatest qualities
Rafael de Jorge
Marketing Director - Onahotels
Pangeanic makes the translation process easy... And they provide a friendly, fast translation service. Creating a database for all our translations was particularly useful so we could recycle translations and re-use content in other occasions and/or similar jobs.
Chloe Wu
The quality is excellent as usual. The source has been changed many times during the translation. Pangeanic was quick to respond to the changes and it was helpful.
Eisuke Seki
ES Japan

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