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Swedish Translation Services

Looking for high-quality expert Swedish translators? 

Our professional and expert Swedish translation team can translate, adapt, edit, review, and revise your texts to offer Swedish translations in any format you may require. Pangeanic provides decades of experience selecting the finest Swedish translators to provide top-quality Swedish translation services. Our professional Swedish translators have already completed millions of words of translation for all manner of businesses including manufacturing companies, multinational organizations, and publishing departments. 

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TRaducción sueco EN

We translate from any language into Swedish

Looking for fast Swedish document translation services? Need documents translated from Swedish into any language and vice versa?  



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At Pangeanic, translating documents into Swedish or from Swedish into any language is a quick, cost-effective, and accurate process. Trust our experience and get your translations in any language by following these steps:


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Pangeanic is your partner for Swedish translation services

In an increasingly globalized world, effective multilingual communication is essential for business success. At Pangeanic, we understand the importance of conveying your message accurately and authentically in Swedish-speaking markets. Our Swedish translation services are designed to help you overcome language barriers and reach Swedish-speaking audiences effectively. 

+ 20 años de experiencia

Over 20 years of experience

Expert Swedish translators for any industry. Our team is made up of highly qualified native Swedish translators specialized in various fields, enabling us to tackle a wide range of translation projects with confidence and accuracy.  


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Precisión cultural y lingüística

Cultural and linguistic accuracy

We understand that translation is not just about words, but also about capturing the unique cultural and linguistic nuance of each language. Our translators are not only fluent in Swedish, but also have a deep understanding of the cultural subtleties that make your message authentically resonate with your target audience.  


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A wide range of services

YWhether you need to translate technical documents, marketing content, legal contracts or any other type of content, our Swedish translation services cover a variety of areas and industries.  


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Sin límite en formatos

Unlimited formats

We translate all types of documents into Swedish: .doc, pdf, InDesign, FrameMaker, .xls, etc. 


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Proceso de traducción rápido y de calidad

Fast, high-quality translation processes

We understand the importance of meeting tight deadlines. Our commitment is to deliver your Swedish translation projects within the agreed deadlines, without compromising quality. We know your time is valuable and we strive to deliver high-quality results in your chosen time frame.  


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Traducción web al danés

Swedish website translation

We localize content and optimize your SEO with keywords and metatags.


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Confidencialidad Garantizada

Guaranteed confidentiality

Your documents' confidentiality is a top priority for us. You can rest assured that your sensitive data will be safe and secure. We maintain strict security measures to ensure the protection of your information at all times.  


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English to Swedish translation services

Pangeanic relies on a team of Swedish translators who have collectively produced thousands of translated documents from languages including English, German, French, Spanish, and many others into Swedish, as well as from Swedish. We have extensive experience in multilingual translation projects and are known globally for our skill and expertise. 


Our computer-assisted tools and translation technologies guarantee that when providing Swedish translation services, we will never bill you for a translation of the same sentence twice. We keep databases of pre-translated phrases and idioms so that we are well prepared to translate in a fast and accurate manner. Your translation project is in capable hands, guiding you towards globalization or access to new markets.

Whether your content was initially written in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Norwegian, or Polish, we can provide Swedish translations of the same high quality as if it were originally written in Swedish.

If you would like a quote, contact us today either through our contact form, emailing us or by giving us a call. We are a professional translation company, providing fast and precise Swedish translations since 1997. We have provided print-ready Swedish translations for technical manuals, engineering, furniture, software, manufacturing, and legal areas.

Swedish to English translation services

Pangeanic's Swedish to English translation team has a long professional track record. We are used to translating complicated formats and texts, including Swedish marketing translation, Swedish website translations, Swedish technical translation, and much more. Our goal is to translate accurately and on time to provide you with fast Swedish to English translation services at a competitive rate.  

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Swedish translation services in different fields

Swedish website translation services

Pangeanic offers complete professional Swedish website translation and localization services: website translation and localization make website content available to millions of users and potential customers worldwide. If you need constant updates to your e-commerce site or main website, Pangeanic's technology will keep track of your new texts, extract them and provide you with instant Swedish translations. We can even take care of your publishing needs with a translation service level agreement, so that you can concentrate on your business and not on translation management.

Servicios de traducción al danés para páginas web

Using the experience of our professional translation agency, with a history of thousands of translated pages, we want to surprise you by transforming your content into a magnet for Swedish-speaking web users: we will select the best keywords and metatags, which will not only offer a direct translation of your website project, but a complete website localization. We use the latest combination of translation technologies applied to the web to translate:

  • Complete websites in WordPress (used for 70% of websites)
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • E-commerce sites, such as Magento, Prestashop, etc.

Swedish technical translation services

Technical translations are a specialty at Pangeanic. We have been involved in several power generation projects for well-known companies and are regular providers of translation services for popular Japanese household appliance brands, automobile manufacturers, and many more. Pangeanic has the right Swedish tools and translators to successfully translate everything from consumer products to professional products, documents for the gas, oil or electricity industry, texts on heavy, light and plant machinery, as well as any technological implementation.

Servicios de traducción técnica al danés

Swedish medical translation services

Through our medical and scientific translation department, certified by the European translation standards EN 15038, ISO 13485 (medical devices) and ISO 9001 (quality), Pangeanic is your partner for professional Swedish translation services when it comes to:

Servicios de traducción médica al danés
  • Swedish medical translations;

  • Swedish medical device documentation;

  • Swedish medical approval documents;

  • Swedish informed consent;

  • Swedish product catalogs;

  • Swedish datasheets;

  • Swedish protocols;

  • Swedish clinical trial translation services.

We help medical device and medical software manufacturers, pharmaceutical, life sciences and healthcare companies, health insurance firms, etc., reach global markets. Thanks to a large team of certified Swedish translators with medical and scientific specialization, we provide quality services to all types of medical and life science companies. All of our expert Swedish medical translators have experience translating Swedish clinical trial questionnaires, Swedish case report forms (CRFs) and Swedish instructions for use (IFUs), as well as Swedish package inserts and labels, Swedish patient surveys, insurance forms and many more types of documents.

Swedish legal translation services

Our extensive network of expert and professional translators includes numerous Swedish translators who are knowledgeable and specifically trained in the Swedish legal systems and their specific terminology. But our Swedish legal translation services go beyond that. Pangeanic can also offer a variety of legal and litigation services, including:

Servicios de traducción legal al danés
  • Swedish document identification; 

  • Swedish document management; 

  • Swedish judicial summaries; 

  • Swedish web crawling; 

  • Swedish transcription services

Pangeanic is your perfect partner for Swedish translations thanks to our Swedish translators' track record with all types of legal documents, and the proven experience of our translation processes. Areas in which we specialize include patent applications, confidentiality agreements, company merger and acquisition agreements, commercial contracts, marriage, birth and death certificates, wills, employment and lease agreements, general business documents, etc.

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Déjese asesorar por nuestro equipo de profesionales

The challenges of quality Swedish translations

When it comes to offering Swedish translation services, it is critical to address the specific challenges that may arise in the process. In this section, we will explore the most common obstacles translators must overcome to ensure accurate and effective translations from this fascinating language.

  1. A language with multiple variants: Swedish is spoken in Sweden and parts of Finland, resulting in multiple dialectal and regional variants. Translators must be able to adapt the translation to the appropriate dialect for the target audience.

  2. Complex grammar and structure: Swedish is characterized by its complex grammar and structure. Word choice and sentence construction can vary significantly compared to other languages, requiring in-depth knowledge to maintain consistency.

  3. Tone and register: Swedish uses different tones and registers of language depending on the context and audience. Choosing the right tone and register in translation is essential to maintain the original intent of the message.

  4. Idiomatic and cultural expressions: Swedish uses numerous expressions and idioms that can be difficult to translate literally. Translators must be experts in the Swedish language and culture to accurately capture these nuances.

  5. Cultural context: Understanding the Swedish cultural context is crucial for effective translation. Cultural references and specific connotations must be handled with sensitivity to maintain the authenticity of the message.

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Experiencia en traducción

Over 20 years of experience

Internacionalización de su negocio

Internationalization of your business

Nativos profesionales

Native professionals



Crecimiento de marca

Brand growth

Reducción de coste

Cost reduction

Technology streamlining your Swedish translations

Our Swedish Neural Machine Translation produces near-human results. Discover how to clean your data, create custom engines, and own a private Machine Translation environment.

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