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Translate easy – Machine Translation API and Plugins

Pangeanic’s API, based on its successful PangeaMT machine translation ECO platform and ActivaTM, provides a direct interface to our general engines, Deep Adaptive Machine Translation. We offer general engines built on millions of segments that learn from your input and the CAT tool of your choice to offer almost-human MT.

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Compatible CAT tools

Our machine translation API is compatible with the following tools

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Compatibility with other tools takes approximately 1 month, upon request.

Machine Translate Full documents

Our ECO platform can also be used for full document translation services when you need to process thousand of documents or files. Emails, PDFs, Microsoft family documents like Excel files, PowerPoint files, Word files, pictures, etc., can be processed securely in batch format. Transmission is completely encrypted and both systems can be connected for immediate transfer of the documents to your content management system in the language of your choice.

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If you require a final proof-reading or review by humans, Pangeanic offers more than 5,000 translators in many language pairs at a reach of a click as an add-on service.

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Who can benefit from Pangeanic’s API?

Our API is particularly useful for customers with large translation needs or high volumes of translation needs where human translation makes no sense or would be too slow. Typical users are financial firms, sentiment analysis companies, media companies, commercial blogs that need fast multilingual publishing, corporations that publish several news items or press releases daily or weekly and need fast turnaround times, advertising agencies, ecommerce sites, etc.
Pangeanic’s translation API, based on custom-built engines by PangeaMT, is currently used for:

  • Translation companies that want to create efficient post-editing or 90% human parity Deep Adaptive engines for their clients
  • Large content producers looking to automate translation processes
  • Organizations, businesses, corporations, public administrations and government agencies requiring MT document translation services
  •  Ecommerce website translation
  •  Mobile phone application translation (Android, Windows or iPhone)
  •  Blog translations
  •  CMS generated text for fast translation
  •  SEO companies and SEO-oriented websites for fast keyword translation
  •  Sentiment analysis companies requiring gisting or good enough translation to establish sentiment on a given topic

Advantages of Pangeanic’s Professional Translation API

Our machine translation API provides the possibility of not only accessing machine translation output passively, but actively engaging in TMX upload for engine re-training and chosing several engines from which to obtain machine translation. Our professional translation API is

  •  Fast: there is no need to login, upload files etc. Your text can be sent directly from your CMS (Content Management System). The PangeaMT platform will send the translated text back to your system
  •  Cost-effective, providing fast ROI: As translation production is automated, there is no additional burden to your staff. Let us customize your engine with your previously translated material. The engine will be yours, private and it will translate as you need in the domain you need. Your staff can then focus on their work. No more time wasting sending emails or uploading files.
  •  Easy to use: Implementation typically takes a few weeks, and we can begin engine customization during the same time. After that, your content can be sent automatically for translation into the language pair of your choice, and the translation will automatically be sent back into your content management system.
  •  Ideal for high volumes – Pangeanic’s API is based on the successful PangeaMT platform, developed after years of collaboration with research institutes and universities, TAUS and and its data sharing association TDA and thousands of customization experiences. Pangeanic is involved with EU research programs like EXPERT and Casmacat. Our API can provide machine translation engines customized for your particular needs, content and applied field. If you need human post-editing services, Pangeanic’s API can allow for human translation services, too. Thus, you can choose which part of your content is left as machine translation output and what quality content needs to be revised by a human translator for quality publication, fast and efficiently. Typical usage is by blogs that need fast content translated,companies requiring massive but short-lived translation (tweets, comments), and also corporations with several news releases per day.

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