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Website Translation Services

Full, professional website translation services and website localization services.

We can crawl your website and offer your content translated and delivered in the format you wish. Whether you publish regularly or several times a day, our Cor technology will automate website translation projects to make your content available to millions of potential users and clients worldwide, transforming your website into a powerful sales channel.

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Translate your website content easily

Using the expertise of our translation agency, with a history of thousands of translated pages, and hundreds of successful websites, Pangeanic also wants to amaze you with website translation services. We will translate your content considering the best SEO keywords, metatags and microformats, if necessary – not just offering a direct translation but a full turnkey website localization service that will transform your website into an Internet magnet.

Translate your website content easily. Pangeanic
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Proxy translation or external crawling?

We use the latest combination of website content translation technologies. Whether you use WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or any eCommerce sites like Magento or Prestashop, you are covered. Choose between a proxy translation service and we’ll crawl your website and replicate your pages at our end. Easy, affordable solution. Choose our external crawling service using Cor and we will detect new content and offer the translations in files in record time so you stay in control. Either way, our integrated translation platform lets translators see your content in context, reducing translation errors and improving your translations local. Your website will become a very attractive multilingual site and your international audience will want to return to it and read your content.

We use the latest combination of translation and web technologies in website translation services: proxy translation or our own Cor technology. Translate a word, a sentence.

Website content constantly changes, we make it easy to translate

Our website translation services and website localization services are complete. It doesn’t matter if you are deleting, changing paragraphs, adding new sentences or just one word, our crawler will detect the change. It will take minutes, not hours nor days to be updated in other languages.

With Pangeanic you can concentrate on writing and creating the best content – we will make sure translation wins international audiences.

Our services include translating blogs, translating websites, translating news, on-line help files within software for intranets and extranets, recurrent marketing campaigns (see as one of our Use Cases). We also take care of knowledge centres, online customer liaison, etc., with customized machine translation services if your budget does not allow for full human translation. Expert Professional Translators and web designers with experience in website translation services will take care of your project from the beginning. Expert Project Managers will advice you on optimal keywords and descriptions which may not necessarily be the ones used in your website’s original language, but they will be the preferred search terms in the target country or locale. Pangeanic not only wants to offer you the best website translation service possible, but also add a local flavor to your content (localization) … with conversion in mind. Recent studies reveal that Internet population is increasingly multilingual, with Asian languages experiencing the highest rates of growth.

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For Japanese website translation and Chinese website translation, our offices will take care of your project with local experts. Our European office will take care of

Just as you would find it difficult to use or buy a service that you did not understand, the same happens when you show your company’s content and website in a language people do not understand. Translated websites are three times more likely to carry out a transaction than a website that communicates its contents in one language or only in English. It is known that addressing people in their mother tongue helps to generate new business and compels surfers to return to your site. Whilst English is a good starting point, a translated website will make it easier for many more readers to understand better your products and services, without doubts or misunderstandings. Do not forget, a website translation pays for itself very quickly. Read more about the advantages of website translations to enhance your business in our Knowledge Center: Website translation services for global exposure and credibility Would you like to know how many languages does Pangeanic support? Please click here.

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