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When you need medical translations or life science translations, there are no risks to take

Our services are certified according to Translation Standard ISO 13485, ISO 17100 and ISO 9001. But that certifications mean little without a solid team and expert medical translators. Pangeanic is your choice for professional translation services for medical translations, medical devices documentation, approval documents, clinical trials translation services. We help pharmaceutical, life sciences and healthcare companies reach global markets.

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And how does Pangeanic do that exactly?

We supply translation services that:

Provide patent application translation services.

Resolve local regulatory requirements.

Translate technical medical documentation, like drug use description for end-users.

Ensure that all your clinical trials documentation will be translated accurately, including feedback and results from hospitals and patients under treatment.

Deal with questionnaires and sensitive test procedures on patients for new drugs in several European markets.

Provide professional website medical translations and localization by expert medical translators and web personnel.

Pangeanic offers language versions with the highest degree of accuracy by experts in the field. We have also carried out work translating articles for publication in Scientific Journals and medical journals, etc.

Translation of Medical Devices Documentation
Translation of Pharmaceutical Products
Clinical Trials Translation

Translation of Medical Devices Documentation

Pangeanic has extensive experience helping companies manufacturing and marketing

  • medical devices,
  • high-tech wearables,
  • biotech research equipment,
  • healthcare management software,
  • scientific and technical instruments

to translate their materials such as user manuals for doctors and instructions for patients, packaging, labeling, marketing materials, software for hospital management and more.

Translation of Pharmaceutical Products

Within the Life Science sector, Pangeanic has also helped manufacturers of

  • pharmaceuticals,
  • biopharmaceuticals,
  • veterinary products.

We have offered expert translation services to translate materials such as Patient Information Leaflets, Product Characteristics, as well as collateral such as packaging, labeling and marketing materials.


Clinical Trials Translation

Pangeanic knows that an extremely important step before releasing a drug in the market is to undertake clinical trials. These may be lengthy and must be error-free. Terminology must be precise and adhered to.

We have worked on all the previous information and instructions to be provided to physicians, doctors and researchers that had to be accurately translated. This documentation included informed consent forms, questionnaires and instructions, doctors’ logs, patient diaries.

Do not hesitate to contact Pangeanic and entrust your internationalization and translation needs to an expert team with years of translation experience. Let us help you grow your brand, let us help you provide language versions fast and accurately, saving you time and money thanks to our proprietary translation technologies.

Why Life Science and reliable Medical Translation services are ideal for healthcare companies?

Translating a medical or life science document is more challenging than any other document. If you are running a business in healthcare industry, you will agree. You need to make sure your translated document meets two parameters, accuracy and compliance. For this solid reason, the healthcare companies rely on life science and pharma translation services to get patient brochures, instructions for use, leaflets, physician portals, doctor manuals, websites and all other crucial communication materials for their products translated in localized language with the help of language experts. Translating all the communicative materials in localized language help companies communicate with their potential clients and customers in their native language. This further helps them to gain credibility in the international market.


Why Life Science and reliable Medical Translation services are ideal for healthcare companies?. Pangeanic

With so many life sciences and pharma translation services in market, it is really a daunting task to make sure whether the services you hire meet the two parameters, accuracy and compliance or not.

Let’s discuss here a few tips how you can identify whether the chosen translation services meets these two parameters or not.

Check the credibility of the translation service provider – If you conducted a thorough language service provider selection process, you are bound to partner with a professional service provider. Yes, there are many translation companies in the market, but not all have been independently audited and comply with translation standards. Pangeanic is independently audited by British firm EQA and complies with Translation Standard ISO 13485, ISO 17100 and ISO9001. This means that all our processes, human resources procedures and checks in the selection of qualified linguists, job management, translation technology application, and of course verification and check after translation, are carried our in accordance to European Translation Standards.

If you check the translation company’s credentials, just like you would with any other employee, you avoid retroactivity and second guessing once the work has been delivered. You should always research more and hire a quality service provider whose past job includes involvement with other medical and life science partners like you. You can be rest assured of more accurate and authentic work. Reading our article on 5 Tips to Translation Buyers will also help you to decide for one company or another going beyond the name and marketing bluff.

Willingness to offer continuous support whenever required – Your translation job will adhere to compliance and accuracy more if you are willing to offer continuous support to your translation partner. Issues can arise pertaining to terminologies and other medical communication fields. Your service provider will ask you to furnish and approve information before starting with the work, carry out some trial translations and compile glossaries. Terminology management is key in our field. The better terminology is managed, the higher the chances of all your Life Science Medical and Pharma Translations to be published smoothly in many languages. It is better if you appoint someone in your organization that will be always available for consultation with the translators, explain specific protocols and other details.

Make accuracy and compliance your priority –You need to stick to your requirements. While discussing your requirements with the service provider, you should make them understand that compliance and accuracy is your priority. You will succeed in meeting your targets only when you are successful in hiring an expert translation company that understand the importance of including these two points in their core job.

Check the expertise of the translators associated with vendor –Make sure your chosen translation vendor uses only talented, experienced, regularly tested and verified native-speakers translators. You should make sure their expertise matches your specific translation needs and your life science market. If the translators have experience translating content in your specific life science or pharma sector, you will definitely get accurate translation services.

Ideally speaking, your translation service vendor should be your partner and have the capability to anticipate your needs, help you navigate your compliance requirements and schedule translation process in such a way that they need not have to sacrifice on accuracy and compliance.

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