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Named Entity Recognizer

Identify and classify names in documents.

Our Named Entity Recognizer works as a single technology or as part of our Anonymizer (anonymization services). It is mostly used for the identification of proper names in documents or texts as part of our eDiscovery service. Named Entities (proper names) are then classified into a set of predefined categories of interest. Our Named Entity Recognizer (NER) detects proper names that refer to people, places or companies.

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Other Named Entities

Other Named Entities can be detected on a project basis. Pangea’s Named Entity Recognizer successfully identifies not only personal names, names of organizations or geographical locations. Using features from our Anonymizer, it can also extract and identify entities such as.

The results of the Pangea Named Entity Recognizer are of great value to information end-user industries of all kinds, especially in the legal domain, banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, publishers, defense and law enforcement as well as government and public administrations.

  • Job titles / positions / occupations
  • Next of kin / relative
  • Nationality
  • Date
  • ID / passport numbers / driving licenses
  • Age
  • Durations
  • Names of events
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