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Translation Services and Solutions for Sony Corporation



Pangeanic’s translation work

 Pangeanic’s translation work for Sony Corporation spans several decades, and for several centers across the globe. As part of the B.I Corporation of Japan, Pangeanic was instrumental in the work leading to receiving several awards.


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Standards of quality 
Work for this global corporation demands very high standards of quality control in the translation process. Translators must be familiar not only with the terminology but also with corporate style. Usually, translators must have a deep knowledge of the products they are translating. Pangeanic has been able to develop large terminology databases and has accumulated hundreds of translation memories in order to offer the most consistent translation time after time. Our sister company in Japan, B.I. Japan continues to be a provider of technical writing services.

Pangeanic's Multilingual Translation and Publishing Solutions for European Businesses

Within Europe, Pangeanic has provided several types of translation and publishing work. A company of this size has enormous publishing needs into many languages and therefore has to provide not only user manuals, but also stylistic press releases describing product launches, product descriptions, commercial and marketing catalogues, fast translation for web publishing, etc.

Consistent Terminology and Cost Savings through Advanced Translation Memory in Pangeanic's Services

Terminology management is extremely important when dealing with such different kinds of publications and desktop publishing jobs. The same product, action, must be referred to in the same way regardless of the publication channel. Our high level of terminology management and the large databases allowed the company to save thousands of Euros in translation work by recycling previously translated material. It meant that whenever a sentence had been translated in the past, our translation memories recalled that sentence, or part of the sentence, so that the client only had to pay for the new material needing translation.

Pangeanic's PangeaMT: Pioneering Sony-Specific Machine Translation Engines and Industry Recognition

Our close relationship with the translation department led to several star developments, echoed in the translation industry. These developments dealt with the development of specialist, Sony-specific statistical machine translation engines and their deployment. Our machine translation division PangeaMT based these developments in client-specific material and, through a variety of techniques, developed engines translating into Spanish, French, German and Italian that spoke Sony, including marketing speech, technical product descriptions and technical texts for user manuals. The results were presented in several translation industry events like TAUS Portland, TAUS Tokyo and Localization World 2010 Barcelona.