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PangeaMT introduces its e-Discovery and Summarization Solution to Bankia

PangeaMT is the leading subsidiary of Pangeanic that offers neural machine translation services and technology services, especially to the banking and financial sectors. During the conference held at the start-up accelarator Innsomnia on January 30 our technology subsidiary presented its e-Discovery and Summarization Solution to Bankia – a proof of concept for contract e-Discovery and Knowledge Engineering, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

PangeaMT focuses on meeting the enormous demand that exists for Natural Language Processing at financial corporations, insurance companies and all business dealing with data. It focuses on language technologies powered by AI for services such as anonymization, e-Discovery and Summarization Solutions, document domain classification, Knowledge Engineering and neural machine translation as technologies based on neural networks.

The opportunity to develop and build a custom proof of concept e-Discovery and Knowledge Engineering as part of a Natural Language Processing at Bankia is a great and attractive challenge – Manuel Herranz.

manuel herranz at Innsomnia introcing ediscovery for bankia
Manuel Herranz, CEO of PangeaMT, introduces the e-Discovery and summarization solution for Bankia

Banks, financial institutions, cognitive enterprises, EU and UN international institutions, as well as owners of small and medium-sized enterprises, are part of their regular customers.

PangeaBox is a desktop application that translates documents and completely reconstructs the source format, allowing legal teams to perform early analysis of legislation in any language and evaluate documentation required in international litigation. PangeaBox is also used by translation teams that require a quick machine translation solution, maintaining the format of the original.

PangeaMT has been selected by Innsomnia in its 2019 program to create a Proof of Concept (PoC) for Bankia capable of automatically detecting any non-standard clause in the bank’s lease contracts and automating the discovery of key information knowledge in contract documents in a structured manner.

The collaboration will establish a strategic partnership with Innsomnia and Bankia in multiple areas of their business operations to directly complement their anonymization, summary and machine translation capabilities with technologies based on machine learning and neural networks.

PangeaMT is definitely on the right track with e-Discovery with the proof of concept Knowledge Engineering for Bankia, and the great support shown by the bank – Amando Estela.

Manuel Herranz, CEO of Pangeanic, said: “I am very happy to have led such a committed team to this new goal.

The opportunity to develop and custom build a proof of concept e-Discovery and Knowledge Engineering as part of a Natural Language Processing at Bankia is very exciting. It fits very well with our overall business strategy of becoming leaders in Natural Language Processing expanded by IA over the next three years. I am very proud to work for a company whose leadership team clearly understands the important strategic role that the human resources function plays in the company’s growth strategy.

Amando Estela, Technical Director of PangeaMT “PangeaMT is definitely on the right track with this proof of concept e-Discovery and Knowledge Engineering for Bankia, and the support shown by the bank.

We have looked for several funding opportunities and also areas where we can better apply our language technologies, particularly e-Discovery and Summarization solutions. Innsomnia was the best in terms of location, facilities and start-up support. We were impressed from the beginning. The team spirit is really amazing, the interaction of the ecosystem they are building – it makes me smile every day. We’re getting incredible support and help with Bankia.”

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