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25 November, 2019

Pangeanic does its bit at an empowered WebSummit 2019

In its second consecutive year of participation, as a Beta company, two women of the Pangeanic team have shown our recent advances in PLN The WebSummit is the largest international technology conference, which has taken place annually since… Read More

17 October, 2019

Pangeanic consortium wins NTEU project for EC Connecting Europe Facility

Pangeanic leads a consortium with leading machine translation and NLP companies KantanMT and Tilde to create the largest-ever neural machine translation engine farm translating between all European languages.   The new project is financed by the “Connecting Europe Facility” program and the Government of Spain is also present via SEAD,… Read More

9 September, 2019

Sponsor at European Machine Translation Summit 2019

Our mother company has been a Sponsor at European Machine Translation Summit 2019 held in Dublin on 21st, 22nd and 23rd August. During the two days prior to the main conference, several workshops were held in which new challenges in machine translation were dealt with, such as multilingualism, literature, difficulties… Read More

29 August, 2019

The MT-Summit 2019 was held in Dublin

The MT-summit 2019 was held on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of August in Dublin. Before the main conference, there were 2 days of workshops that provided a vision of the new challenges in machine translation such as multilingualism, literature, low-resource languages and the importance of using MT in… Read More

7 June, 2019

Beta version of NEC TM Launched

Alex Helle is Chief Operations for the open-sourcing of Pangeanic’s ActivaTM into the National and European Central Translation Memory. With the Beta version now available, we share an interview with Alex to find out more about the NEC TM project and how Member States can benefit from it. What exactly… Read More

29 March, 2019

Our NLP technologies at Artificial Intelligence EXPO Tokyo

Our team will be busy next week at the Artificial Intelligence EXPO in Tokyo, introducing our natural language processing technologies that can enhance AI processes. “This is an excellent opportunity to showcase the NLP technologies within our ecosystem that are changing the way companies process information” said CEO Manuel… Read More

29 March, 2019

Natural Language Processing technologies at AI EXPO Tokyo

PangeaMT will show case its Natural Language Processing technologies at Japan’s largest artificial intelligence exhibition,  AI-EXPO, promoting its unique and inspiring innovations in NLP to the world. The AI-EXPO event will specifically showcase the innovative and emerging technologies being developed in Japan and beyond, with a strong accent on… Read More

6 March, 2019

CEF iADAATPA project becomes MT-Hub

Pangeanic – PangeaMT is proud to announce the successful completion of its project CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) 2016-EU-IA-0132 with the European Commission following its final presentation at the Ministry of Energy headquarters in Madrid (Spain). iADAATPA becomes MT-Hub and it will provide a single access point to several machine translation providers, thus… Read More