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Sponsoring EAMT virtual conference 2020

Due to current traveling restrictions, the conference was held online The 2020 edition was virtually celebrated from Lisbon Pangeanic has sponsored the European Association Machine Translation (EAMT) 2020 conference. Due to current traveling restrictions, the conference was held online. It… Read More

Pangeanic presents MAPA at SwissText & KONVENS

At the SwissText & KONVENS 2020 conference from June 23-25, 2020, Pangeanic presented the Multilingual Anonymisation toolkit for Public Administrations (MAPA) project. MAPA is supported both by the European Union’s CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) Programme, and the NTEU (Neural Translation for the EU) project led by Pangeanic. Read More

Pangeanic collaborates at the WMT 2020 conference.

Pangeanic professionals collaborate in this new edition by carrying out the human translation of Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese from the development and test files for the machine translation competition on Similar Language Translation for the WMT 2020 conference. Their collaboration is aimed at evaluating machine translation systems. A… Read More

Pangeanic wins contract to lead European-wide anonymization project

INEA has awarded Pangeanic’s consortium almost €1M to develop a multilingual anonymization toolkit based on AI processing of health, life science, and legal texts for Public Administrations. The MAPA Project (Multilingual Anonymisation toolkit for Public Administrations) will make use of state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing tools to develop the open source… Read More

Pangeanic will participate in Barcelona’s Mobile/4YFN with SEAD

In this conference, which will take place on February 25, Manuel Herranz will present the Data Acquisition and Centralization: Industry and Administration to Build Artificial Intelligence Pangeanic’s technology team members / GUIADEPRENSA.COM Pangeanic has been distinguished by its commitment to language processing technology for a decade and what started… Read More

Pangeanic consortium wins NTEU project for EC Connecting Europe Facility

Pangeanic leads a consortium with leading machine translation and NLP companies KantanMT and Tilde to create the largest-ever neural machine translation engine farm translating between all European languages.   The new project is financed by the “Connecting Europe Facility” program and the Government of Spain is also present via SEAD,… Read More

The MT-Summit 2019 was held in Dublin

The MT-summit 2019 was held on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of August in Dublin. Before the main conference, there were 2 days of workshops that provided a vision of the new challenges in machine translation such as multilingualism, literature, low-resource languages and the importance of using MT in… Read More