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Language technologies

30 DECEMBER, 2020
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Language technologies
30 December, 2020

2020 Challenges and Opportunities – A review by Manuel Herranz

2020 has created many challenges for many industries and professions. We asked Manuel Herranz, Pangeanic’s CEO to review the best and the worst of the year, and the challenges ahead. How has 2020 affected the language industry? Slator reports that the industry, as a whole, has remained unaffected and… Read More

1 October, 2020

Machine translation and 2 levels of Post-Editing of machine translation (PEMT)

Any 21st-century international company needs first-class translation services. In order to ensure that you communicate effectively with global users and consumers, you need to know that you have accurate, high-quality translations… from your website to the digital chatbot that provides customer service. Each channel, though, can have a different strategy. Read More