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What does it mean to be an intern at Pangeanic?

What does it mean to be an intern at Pangeanic?

My name is Mélissa Martin, and as a Master’s student in translation in ESTRI, Lyon, I started looking for an internship in a translation agency in Spain. After several searches of internships online, I found Pangeanic. I visited their website and was able to see that it is a translation agency that puts the quality of their translation first, which immediately pleased me. Thus, I contacted the human resources who sent me the general conditions concerning the internship. After I accepted, they sent me a test, which included a fairly short translation and two quality assessments (one in Polish and one in French).

After receiving a positive response, they sent me a “welcome pack”, containing information about the agency, CAT tools, and València, which gave me a positive image of the agency: indeed, they want to integrate us as well as possible.

Mélissa Martin at the Palau de la Música's gardens in València
Mélissa Martin at the Palau de la Música’s gardens in València

Once there, I was very well received: the whole team was really welcoming. For my first day at Pangeanic, we were given a tour of the offices, then we were explained how the agency works, and shown how Studio and quality control tools work.

I am really glad to to do my internship at Pangeanic. There is a really good atmosphere at work, which is really motivating. Moreover, they are always listening, and if we have the slightest doubt or question, they are always there to help us.

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