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Diary in a house translator

4 JUNE, 2016
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Asking for free translation tests: Non-reputable and Reputable Translation Agencies?
Diary in a house translator
6 May, 2015

3 tips to become a successful translator

Learning languages from an early age favors language assimilation. However being bilingual does not necessarily make you a translator. Something all translators share, even before they become translators, is a passion for languages. In time, they will become more or less successful translators. Surely this passion for languages will be… Read More

17 March, 2015

Managing different generations at work – The Veterans

Working at a translation company is no different to working at any other company. One of the main differences, however, is that translation companies tend to be more “international” than others – because of the nature of the industry. However, one aspect that is often overlooked is that we also… Read More

7 March, 2015

Translate drawings in Word

I recently completed a huge project which required working directly in MS Word because of the number of illustrations. If I filtered the text through any CAT tool, the illustrations remained untouched as CAT tools cannot translate drawings in Word. I have been a translator for two decades now and… Read More

7 January, 2015

What do I need to do to become a professional translator?

What do I need to do to become a professional translator? Is professionalism in translation and ethics something one is born with or is it something a professional translator learns over a period of time and with experience? Does a professional translator need to join a professional translation body or… Read More

3 December, 2014

6 Steps to create TMX file from Excel or other formats

Sometimes, a professional translator may require to create TMX file from Excel or other formats in order to reuse bilingual material accumulated with experience over the years. Or perhaps there is no source material but the translator would like to build a theme or field-specific… Read More

3 November, 2014

Review of Memsource as a user

I’ve been experimenting for a few weeks with a tool with a great future in the market and would like to offer my review of Memsource as one of its users. I’ve been using it for some work related to the web, press releases, for jobs that came from other… Read More

12 October, 2014

Translators after hours – do translators have a life?

Translation is one of the professions that requires people to stay long hours near a computer. Endless hours that make our friends and family wonder “do translators have a life?”. Although the future may bring touch platforms and dictation software has been a reality for some time, the truth is… Read More

25 September, 2014

Is it more difficult to translate technical texts or common words?

I found myself having to translate several texts coming from very different areas this week: from pharma patents to medical device hardware and very imaginative journalistic texts. Which one did I prefer? Well, many buyers of translation services may think that “technical translations” are more complicated as a challenge because… Read More

31 July, 2014

Translate English for Africa and Asia

In my last entry, I exemplified the differences between dialects of the English language through comparing American English and British English. Now where these two dialects may be the first to spring to mind, at least for a British national like myself, there are many other dialects of the language… Read More

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