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Intern at Pangeanic: What does it mean?

Intern at Pangeanic: What does it mean?

Marie_EscribeMy name is Marie Escribe, and I study scientific and technical translation at Université Haute-Alsace, France and for my final year of Bachelor, I have to complete an internship in a translation agency. I decided to look for agencies in Spain and after a few days of investigation, I found Pangeanic, which seemed to match my expectations perfectly. Therefore, I decided to send my application and I had to complete an admission test. The test was about the use of CAT tools. I read the instructions and the provided manual extract carefully and I was able to pass it: the selection process had gone well, and I was about to start my internship at Pangeanic!

I was really nervous before the first week, especially because it was going to be my first internship with professional translators. However, I understood that I was about to live a wonderful experience on the very first day: the entire team received me with a warm welcome and encouraging smiles.Marie_Escribe

The first days were about learning how to use CAT tools and QA software properly, which provided me with a more solid knowledge regarding computer-assisted translation. Technology is obviously a great asset nowadays when it comes to translation services: it allows translators to provide fast, consistent and high-quality translations, this is why the internship is an incredible opportunity for me. But that is not all: the internship at Pangeanic is also a human experience. The working atmosphere is very positive and stimulating as all the team members are nice to me and always keen to help whenever I have doubts or questions. This really makes me more confident and eager to improve myself and learn new things every single day. I am certain that this extremely rewarding experience will be a real advantage for my future professional career.

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