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I’m an intern at Pangeanic

I’m an intern at Pangeanic

Maria_HidalgoMy name is María del Carmen Hidalgo, and I discovered Pangeanic thanks to my University and today I couldn’t be happier. From the first day, I felt very at ease and they helped me with everything I needed. As everybody knows, all beginnings are difficult, especially when it comes to adapting to a way of working that you are not familiar with, but here everything has been easy thanks to the help of many of those who are part of this company.

During my time here, I am learning a lot and I could acquire knowledge from the first minute which is what is interesting in an internship or, at least, it is what interests me. They give you real work and they trust you to do it, with the assurance/guarantee that there is someone behind to supervise and make sure everything is fine. The first days they teach you about the tools and workflow so that you can adapt as best as possible and as soon as possible. Absolutely everything that they teach you is useful for the future since you can work with real translation tools that you could find in any other company or even if you work on your own.

Pangeanic_InternsOne of the things that I liked most when I arrived was a comment that one of the senior translators said: “if you need help, just tell us, because we are here to help”. I like the good work environment here and knowing that there are people always smiling and willing to help you. I think this is very important for the enterprise/company to keep on growing and for the students to be comfortable.
In conclusion, my first impressions are very good and I’m happy to have a good practical/intern experience and learn many things for the future. I encourage everyone who wants to complete an internship to choose Pangeanic because I think you won’t regret it.

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