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Translation Companies Rank High

by Manuel Herranz

Despite downward pressures (not unlike any other industries) the translation industry seems to be able to provide revenue and career opportunities despite the grim economic outlook. Several translation companies are entrants in the famous Inc. 500-5000, which ranks companies by general revenue growth. This follows recent reports forecasting machine translation industry growth at around 18% and general translation industry growing (although slower) in 2012.

There are 15 companies within the translation and language services category in total in the list. There are several conditions to qualify. Inc.500-5000 only lists US-based companies over a 3-year period and the companies must have generated a minimum of $100,000 in 2008 but at least $2M in 2012.

As this is a commercial ranking, companies must be privately held, for-profit and they must not be divisions of larger companies or subsidiaries of foreign companies. This is the list and ranking of the top translation companies that made it to the list taking into account.

204CWU 2062,00%$10.2 M
423Mid Atlantic Professionals TA/SSI 1076,00%$9.2 M
823InDemand Interpreting 550,00%$3.9 M
1619Mango Languages 243,00%$7 M
2514adaQuest 141,00%$12.7 M
2581Language Training Center 137,00%$3.8 M
2636       Global Language Solutions 133,00%$10.50 M
3064       Propio Language Solutions 109,00%$2.10 M
3310       CETRA Language Solutions 96,00%$5.90 M
3396       CyraCom International 92,00%$48.70 M
3676       WeLocalize                                         81%        $90.80 M
3839       Certified Languages International 74,00%$14.40 M
4082       1-Stop Translation USA 65,00%$2.30 M
4248       Universal Language Service 59,00%$6.10 M
4287       LinguaLinx57%        $4.30 M
4363       TransPerfect55%        $341.30 M
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