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Toshiba and Pangeanic Steps to Machine Translation Hybridation – Article in AAMT

Pangeanic’s R&D team and Toshiba’s Knowledge Media Laboratory have published a joint article describing an initial hybrid pilot setting the basis for future work in the development of hybrid machine translation technologies from English into and out of Japanese. This article has been published in the December issue of the Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation (number 50). A copy of the article is available for download from PangeaMT’s site.

AAMT article Going Hybrid - Pangeanic and Toshiba' sFirst Steps Toward Hybridization

The article was co-written mainly by Ms Elia Yuste, Mr Manuel Herranz as the initiator of the project and Mr Alexandre Helle as leader of the nipponization module at Pangeanic with Toshiba’s input coming from Hirokazu Suzuki from the Corporate Research & Development Center of Toshiba Corporation. The article describes progress made using the statistical machine translation open-source platform Moses and Toshiba’s rule-based system to obtain better outputs. Future work points to Pangeanic’s syntax-based approach integrating English and Japanese within a self-sufficient, self-learning, re-training package part of the PangeaMT package as presented in Japan’s Translation Federation by Manuel Herranz in December 2011.

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