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POSTS 29 MAY, 2014

The Little PangeaMT Engine that could…

the little engine that could
A little PangeaMT engine translates BIG!

A story of The Little Engine That Could inspired a lot of kids and adults around the world back in the days and still continues to do so … It was the little blue engine that was the star of the day and not the fancy and extravagant train engines because she had the right attitude in wanting to help others!
Lessons learned: you don’t have to be big and stylish to do great things…you “just” need to believe and work hard…. And be helpful! Others will notice the effort.

I arrived at Pangeanic HQ in sunny Valencia, Spain, on my first week of job (I started as a Market Development Director two weeks ago), and I kind of related that story to Pangeanic and its Machine Translation Engine solutions (this play on words with “engine” seems ideal in this situation). A medium size translation company at heart, Pangeanic has developed PangeaMT as a machine translation tool that eases multilingual technical publication particularly to producers of large volumes like the automotive manufacturing, engineering and electronics industry or pharma. It is developing real-time translation MT for online help and interviews.

The Pangeanic staff at the HQ office is a mix of Spanish, Belgian, German, Italian and French translators, Project Managers and machine translation technical experts. All passionate and dedicated to helping their customers meet translation and MT needs and working towards the same goal – providing down-to-earth yet effective MT and specialized technical translation solutions to its international customers. What makes Pangeanic different is that they actively transfer their technology to users, they really want to make a difference.

It may seem that PangeaMT engine is “little and humble” because the customer portal is not exhibiting cool designs and colors, maybe it’s been drowned by some louder and more expensive sophisticated marketing from other MT solutions companies, maybe there hasn’t been a lot of hubbub about Pangeanic’s solutions, but at the heart of it all, that little PangeaMT engine really can! I’ve seen it with my own eyes during my first weeks…

Pangeanic is not exactly a small player, it just does its work quietly… The research and development is done in conjunction with Valencia’s Polytechnic, a Computer Science Institute, but Pangeanic also takes part in European research together with leading European Universities. They are industrial partners in the EXPERT project and recetly as an industrial tester for the EU translation workbench project Casmacat. Pangeanic was one of the key founding member of TAUS and its data-sharing initiative which provided the organization much of the corpus for experimentation in the early years. I’ve seen a technologically-savvy company with smart solutions in place and with a big push to empower MT users for years (other LSPs and corporations) so they can become machine translation expert users themselves, as well as exposing to the corporate world the usefulness of using MT technology and its benefits.

Pangeanic works quietly in the background, happy to help its customers and in fact bend backwards to assist with any MT or translation issues.  Pangeanic empowers users to learn more about how their MT engine works and how they can maximize its use – it opens its technologies providing training and access to customization in a way typical “machine translation engine sellers” do not. Pangeanic’s motto “Bring democracy and affordability to Machine Translation” is proudly reflected in the everyday work they do. So from my first observations, I can really say that this “little” PangeaMT engine really can… Pangeanic makes it possible… It works hard and believes in what it does.

by Maria Kania-Tasak