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POSTS 11 MARCH, 2016

The benefits of translating a website into a different language

There are more than one billion live websites online. They are mostly monolingual, although translations are becoming increasingly important. There’s no denying the Web has become the ‘de facto’ tool to search for information (much to the relieve of trees) and, as all statistics point, for commerce, too. And there is no better way to make a website more enticing to a broader audience than making it multilingual.

Companies such as Microsoft and Adobe have versions of their sites in several languages. It helps them to gain the competitive edge. Especially when targeting new foreign markets. By the way, did you know which is the website with the most translations in the world? Surprisingly none of the above, nor Wikipedia.

But it is something you all wish to do. The economics of offering your website in different languages are unquestionable. But let’s try to be precise. The following six reasons explain the benefits of using a website translation service provider:

1. English isn’t the dominant language in the world

You might think that English is the most common language in the world. But, you may not know that English is only the third most common spoken language. The dominating language is Mandarin Chinese, followed by Spanish.

2. You will increase your company’s revenue

Large, medium and small companies and brands realise the benefits of selling to an international audience. In a digital age, there’s no ‘local economy’. If you only target an English-speaking audience (or a monolingual audience), you’re missing out on a lucrative opportunities.

There are plenty of people that want to use your products and services abroad. You just are not talking to them. Take mobile games as an example. Typical games directed to an online audience under 16 or 18 many times but who has a cellphone. Kids play online with other kids from China to Spain, from Tokyo to Buenos Aires. And they buy credits. Online, in their language.

3. A website translation service is better than Google Translate

To cut costs, some firms rely on nothing more than machine-based translation services. One typical example is Google Translate. You just need to read a few more articles in our blog to realize how terrible this decision can be.

The issue with using unchecked machine-based translators is that you always end up with the wrong translation. The last thing you want to do is to become a laughing stock, an Internet joke.

As a developer of machine translation technologies, I can only say to you: use it for fast translations where speed is more important than quality, like reviews or just to get the gist. Machine translation is not a publishing service.

4. You will increase consumer confidence in your brand

Following the above line of thought…What happens then when you take the time to translate a website? Your potential customers will have more trust in your brand. Why? Because they will feel you understand their needs. You have now reached to them. You are not saying ‘hey, I have this cool stuff, which by the way you can’t really use nor understand, ¿sabes amigo?‘.

5. Multilingual websites overcome cultural barriers

When a website is in a person’s native tongue, they will feel more comfortable browsing through it. I travel frequently to Japan and China and, believe me, I feel very comfortable when I ser something in a Latín script.

6. You’ll gain a significant competitive edge

Surely! How many restaurants in Shanghai or Dalian won me only because I could read the menu! Have you ever been to an Italian restaurant where everything was written in Chinese? I have. I settled down for ‘spaghetti’, in whatever shape it came.

There are many universal things in life that people use, regardless of their language. If you sell something they use, you should tell them about it. Having a multilingual website (and menu for your restaurant) will give you the competitive edge.

But there’s more…….

Website translation services are useful beyond the Web

The Internet offers many different ways of communicating and trading online. During the Web’s infancy, people would do those things solely on websites.

These days, with the rise of smartphones and tablets, we also use “apps” for the same purposes. After all, they offer a convenient way to talk and buy online without opening a browser!

Professional website translation services can get utilised for multilingual apps. This also includes rich HTML content served within those apps.

Translate content that makes sense to your audience

When you use a good website translation services, one thing is for sure: the translated content you receive will make total sense to your target audience!

Pangeanic provides a raft of website translation and localization services. We can translate your content to and from dozens of popular spoken languages.

And now the commercial line…. Contact us today to request a free translation quote.