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Swiss terminology database TERMDAT now online & public

The Federal Chancellery of the Swiss Confederation has officially released the online public version of their terminology database TERMDAT. The Federal Chancellery provides services to the Swiss government and the Federal Administration, as well as to the general public.

Online access to the Swiss Confederation’s terminology records was previously only available via the intranet to the federal administration and public sector institutions, and to other selected partners with certificate access.

According to Franco Fomasi, Head of the Federal Chancellery’s Terminology Section, “The initiative will help expand the information offered by the federal language services and create new opportunities for collaboration with existing partners. It will also enhance the ability of the Terminology Section to share approved multilingual terminology in the official Swiss languages, German, French, Italian and Romansh, as well as in English.”

TERMDAT on the Internet contains only verified entries and is intended for persons who do not have access to the full TERMDAT database on the Intranet

The terms, abbreviations, titles of legislation, the names of Swiss and international authorities, institutions and organisations as well as other information held in the database originate primarily from federal legislation and pertain to a wide variety of fields (education, energy, finance, commerce, industry, culture, agriculture, defence, environment, transport, economics, etc).

TERMDAT on the Internet is optimised for use with Internet Explorer 7.0 and its terminological database is updated regularly.

For further information, visit the following website: TERMDAT