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PangeaMT Webinar on Translation Customization and DIY MT

by Manuel Herranz

Machine translation is a hot topic – and will be a hot topic for some years to come. But it is not only a hot topic with a lot of mystifying hype around it.

Elia Yuste, Andreas Thömel and (I hope) myself came a little bit closer to clearing doubts about what is a customized machine translation engine, what is machine translation DIY.

Our Gala Webinar aimed at clarifying some misconceptions about language companies building their own tools and applying them successfully in the language market.

The language industry is a very varied industry, with few technological players which dominate the landscape and a myriad of smaller tools which fit many purposes, large and small. PangeaMT was born as the technological division solving the needs of a translation company. PangeaMT now has a life of its own and it is a well-respected, mature technology.

The presentation is available already in slideshare.
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Pangea Machine Translation became the first commercial application of Moses. Year after year, it has expanded on the core to add more functionalities, testing them at its translation department. It launched the now famous DIY MT package back in 2011, now part of many other platforms. PangeaMT now offers API, workflow and a TMX management system to clean and use material for machine translation learning and training.

The webinar continued to see how first-time customization and training data consultancy permeate each PangeaMT development. This is also applicable to data cleaning and reporting, which can later be automated after client-specific parameters and weighs are in place. Pangeanic’s team stressed time and time that the concept behind PangeaMT is independence. Translators feel empowered by having and managing their own engines and seeing that their post-editing material has an impact on engine behavior pretty soon.

This webinar pointed to machine translation applications and deployment scenarios beyond the usual requesting of machine-translated output in a limited fashion for pre-translation. With PangeaMT, users can create their own ecosystem.

Click here to learn about how to use your bilingual files, glossaries and TMX as assets to build MT engines. Be in control of your domain-specific engines …always!

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