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20 March, 2020

Crowdsourcing in translation: what are the pros and cons?

When Aristotle said that, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, he was alluding to how individual parts produce a combined effect that is greater than all of the separate parts on their own. This concept echoes crowdsourcing, which is the practice of requesting specific resources from… Read More

13 March, 2020


Pangeanic has designed a comprehensive contingency and business continuity plan in place, which we are executing accordingly. Being a human-centric language services company, this means following WHO and health officials recommendations to take care of all our people: employees, customers, partners, and linguists. Remote working has… Read More

7 January, 2020

Tips for freelance translators

Medieval mercenary knights struck their lances for the prince who paid them most money in the fourteenth and sixteenth century. These soldiers were referred to as “free lance” because their weapons were not sworn to any lord’s services and would therefore be ready to be dispatched for the highest bidder. Read More

21 November, 2019

How does AI bias happen?

Unfortunately as it may seem, bias can creep in at many stages of a deep-learning process. But how does AI bias happen? AI is based on Big Data and the patterns it learns from it auyomatocally, in unsupervised ways. Machine learning has helped us overcome mechanization in favor of automation,… Read More

18 November, 2019

AI can aid humans to become a better version of themselves

More often than not, the discourse about artificial intelligence verses about either the potential misuse or dangers of the technology, racial data bias, bad use of facial recognition applications by governments and corporations or the negative consequences of its deployment on labor and society at large (job losses, humans becoming… Read More

20 September, 2019

“It depends on the context”

If there was an award for the most repeated phrase in the world of translation, it would definitely go to the sentence “it depends on the context”. No translator is free from the guilt of uttering these cliché words to their fellow conversationalists who turn to them for linguistic guidance. Read More

10 July, 2019

Freelance Translator Tips for a Successful Career (Part 1)

Welcome to the world of freelance translation! If your goal is to succeed in the competitive world of location-independent translation, you have no option but to subscribe to the idea of the survival of the fittest. ProZ currently has 1,008,777 registered translators and translation companies. If you want to stand… Read More