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20 September, 2019

“It depends on the context”

If there was an award for the most repeated phrase in the world of translation, it would definitely go to the sentence “it depends on the context”. No translator is free from the guilt of uttering these cliché words to their fellow conversationalists who turn to them for linguistic guidance. Read More

10 July, 2019

Freelance Translator Tips for a Successful Career (Part 1)

Welcome to the world of freelance translation! If your goal is to succeed in the competitive world of location-independent translation, you have no option but to subscribe to the idea of the survival of the fittest. ProZ currently has 1,008,777 registered translators and translation companies. If you want to stand… Read More

9 July, 2019

Translation Apps: Are They Worth the Hype?

Nothing can hold you back from travelling to a foreign country like the dreaded language barrier. If you have been in a situation where you played charades as your main mean of communication, then you must be aware that linguistic troubles can make your experience that much less pleasant and… Read More

20 February, 2019

Translating online: how to stand out as a freelance translator

Proz, the largest network for language professionals in the world, boasts over 300,000 translators and translation companies. It works as a two-way street for clients and translators to find each other and collaborate on translation projects. The network is especially useful because outsourcers are given the opportunity to… Read More

24 January, 2019

Future-Proof the Development of Your Business with Technology

Wondering how to future-proof the development of your business with technology? A marketing strategy linked to localization has benefits beyond optimizing traffic for your target audience. If you think that technology isn’t going to continue to revolutionize the way in which businesses work, compete and innovate, then you’re in… Read More

30 November, 2018


In today’s ever more globalized world, there is little doubt that language services (translation, interpretation, and localization) are playing an increasingly more important (if low-key) role. Professional translators and interpreters are the unsung heroes that make it possible for an entrepreneur from South Korea to market his app to consumers… Read More

20 November, 2018

AI is Already Influencing Translation as We Know It

Is AI Already Influencing Translation? Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in particular, is unashamedly breaking the language barrier, transforming translation as we know it.  Global industry giant Amazon joined in the battle to produce the best translation technology for its customers with the launch of its own Amazon… Read More

14 September, 2018

4 Steps to Improve your Marketing Localization

When planning marketing localization is important to know that 75% of non-English speakers prefer to shop for products in their native tongue, while 60% of non-English speakers will rarely visit a website that is written only in English. The benefits of translating a website and creating a… Read More