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Implementation of Machine Translation: Pangeanic case study at TMS Inspiration Days

Pangeanic has been invited as one of the 3 guest speakers at TMS Inspiration Days (19-20 April 2012) to showcase its transition from Language Service Provider to machine translation software application vendor.  Manuel Herranz’ talk will deal with the initial application of statistical models which were applied as a solution to increasing demand for automotive clients and how this internal project changed the company’s DNA. PangeaMT, Pangeanic’s feature-rich DIY SMT solution will be explained as a tool developed with the specific needs of the localization industry in mind. As language companies are freeing themselves from TM syndromes, they are embracing MT as a tool that offers unquestionable productivity enhancements and a competitive edge. Concepts like BLEU, Meteor will be demystified and we will learn how to scientifically measure MT output beyond sales talk.

In our mission to provide the tools to those who need them, we will analyse the positive effect of data-cleaning and data preparation (part of the new PangeaMT set) as well as what percentages mean in different languages and domains. Building from our efforts to provide technology and empower users, we will also touch upon concepts like bilingual and monolingual language models and their usefulness, the work behind hybridation and the freedom that PangeaMT provides with its auto-updating  features once the initial engines are set in motion.

Pangeanic’s DIY SMT solution has revolutionized the localization industry by providing a service that not only harnesses SMT tools like Moses, but that also offers system statistics, prepares data with cleaning tools, creates engines at will after Pangeanic’s first trainings and, above all, offers the freedom to retrain and update engines at will. Pangeanic also offers a SaaS model for those who do not want to host the solution in-house, but with very similar approaches to data cleaning, preparation, engine creation and re-training. Typical implementations at corporations (see joint presentation with Sybase, a SAP company).

TMS Inspiration Days is an international conference focusing on the business and technology aspects of the translation industry. This 3rd edition of the event will be held from 19th to 20th April 2012 in Krakow (Poland) under the banner of “Technology for business”. The conference agenda already includes other two presentations: “Keynote: Overview of translation technology” by CSA’s Ben Sargent and “Selling in America” by Renato Beninato.

The conference will begin with the “Keynote: Overview of translation technology” lecture by Ben Sargent from Common Sense Advisory. Ben has been involved in the translation industry since 1989. At CSA, he focuses on technology-related areas, particularly dealing with CMS and TMS tools. The lecture will focus on the major technological trends and solutions available on the translation market and their impact on the functioning of an enterprise.


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