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Google Adds Translation on Spreadsheets

Google Spreadsheets got clever new feature this week: support for language translation.

Google Spreadsheets has added support for the Google AJAX Language API, according to Google Operating System . Google SpreadSheet TranslationWith this addition, you can enter any text in English, and then translate it using any of approximately 50 languages supported by Google Translate. Translations are updated every time you add anything to the document and re-publish it. Alternatively, you can also set it to re-publish automatically every time you change anything in the spreadsheet.

A further option is that this gadget can be embedded into any webpage, providing your readers the ability to translate your text into the language of their choice.

Using Google’s free tools, however, carries a small cost. Any data that is sent over to the online tools can be used by Google for its own statistical purposes. Google can make use of the data you provide – from translation to documents or numbers to create a user profile. Although the company claims in its contract services that it will make the data public, it has been known to that large software companies collaborate with intelligence services in order to provide access to emails and documents, as well as user profiles. A copy of all your data is stored in Google’s servers and the company can keep a copy of it even if you delete it from your account.

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