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POSTS 13 MARCH, 2020


Pangeanic has designed a comprehensive contingency and business continuity plan in place, which we are executing accordingly. Being a human-centric language services company, this means following WHO and health officials recommendations to take care of all our people: employees, customers, partners, and linguists.

Remote working has been introduced progressively at Pangeanic for several years, with standard and tested procedures. As the global Covid-19 pandemic (Coronavirus) quickly spreads, we have decided to fully implement a work-from-home policy across all our offices.

Business will be carried out as usual. All our Project Managers and linguists will see to every job in the same way and are contactable through the usual channels.

Last Update: March 13, 2020

Covid-19 (Coronavirus ) is impacting all business and personal activities at an increasingly fast pace. It is a time of uncertainty. All of us at Pangeanic want to ensure our clients, partners and vendors that we understand and implement Health and Safety policies and OMS recommendations. We are as committed as ever to providing a safe working environment. This includes not only our employees in their day-to-day activities, but also ensuring business support continuity for our worldwide customers.

Ever since the outbreak, Pangeanic has been preparing a comprehensive contingency plan to address several scenarios, considering how it could be affected by endogenous or external factors.

The following precautions have been taken and are now company policy:

  • Attendance to conferences and all business travel has been canceled, limiting non-essential personal travel.
  • A “remote working” policy has been established: all staff has computer hardware and a connection to Pangeanic’s 24/7 platforms to operate.
  • All employees are aware that if they have been in contact with somebody or suspect they have been in contact with a person suffering coronavirus must report to HR and management
  • Any Pangeanic employee who may need to travel will be required to work from home for a minimum of 14 days to monitor for symptoms before returning to the office.
  • Staff and management interviews are conducted via web meeting, rather than in person.
  • Pangeanic has discouraged unnecessary touching, including handshakes, greeting kisses. Non-contact greetings are encourage.
  • We have cancelled all planned training events (machine translation technology and language processing), gatherings and meetups that were scheduled at any of our offices.
  • When have limited face-to-face business meetings and the number of visitors to our offices.

Pangeanic cloud services and platforms (translation management and language services) continue running 24/7. Our clients will see no interruption in service.

We  are committed to keeping our cloud-based platform fully operational, without interruption.

To all our clients, thank you for your trust in Pangeanic over the last 20 years. 

Manuel Herranz