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POSTS 23 JULY, 2014

Are Quality Translation Services More Expensive than Creating Content?

by Manuel Herranz
Content writing and quality translation services from translation companies are rapidly growing fields. In fact, they have gained sufficient importance to play elemental roles in product and service marketing and aiding business communication. However, translation buyers find it difficult to understand than translating content may cost the same as writing the content. Sometimes they don’t know how to best use a translation company. They assume “research” has been done in the original, so no further research is required when translating. Translation should be no more than transferring.

Effective content creation and publishing is now a critical tool in online marketing. So are translation services. In fact quality content publishing is one of the major marketing tools adopted by many companies today. They carefully design and strategize their website and blog content to attract more readers who can prove to be their potential consumers.

Quality translation services, on the other hand, can be a more tedious task. There is the intention not to undermine the importance of effective content writing in any way, but producing a text script of quality translation takes a lot more into consideration than creating content. Nevertheless, cost for creating content and providing translation services of quality are determined by an array factors.

A content writer is supposed to take into consideration what are the client’s requirements and what content written in what tone would generate more business for the client. A content writer is responsible for identifying what attracts a consumer and produce content in accordance with the identified demands of the consumer base.

A content writer should be aware of effective marketing strategies and should design content in their relevance. Content writers consider how much thinking and research a piece of article will take before determining a price for their services.

Another factor that is influential in determining the cost for content writing services is the quantity of the content. Content writers, before estimating a price for their services also take into consideration the amount of content they are expected to write. The obvious relation between the quantity of the content and charges for the services is that of direct proportionality. As far as the quantity of the content is concerned, content writers may be expected to pay attention to various other factors beyond the mere word count. For example, a content writer might take into consideration factors like whether he is needed to provide additional content for sliders, infographics or does he need to incorporate his content with the design of your web, before deciding a price for his services.

A translator, on the other hand might need to consider a lot more than a content writer before deciding on a suitable price for his services. Apart from the obvious factors such as the quantity of the content (number of words) that needs to be translated and additional research into the topic, various other determinants are influential in deciding a cost for the services of a translator.

A translator who is responsible and capable enough to provide clients with a quality translation of the transcript would not only abide by the requested word count but will also ensure that the translation he produces is free of any spelling and grammatical errors and it reads not as a translation but like a piece of content that was originally created in the target language.

A translator does not only need to educate himself about the subject of the content, but also needs to be aware of the details related to the source and target languages that are concerned. A professional translator or translation service will use translation tools that may not be known to other professionals. Translation memory tools work like a database which offers “recall” of similar translated sentences in the past, and most translation services offer a discount as a result.

Profound knowledge of both the languages and their proper use is elemental in producing a script of quality translation. Furthermore, translators are expected to be aware of technical jargons pertaining to various fields. For instance, if a translator neglects the use of a correct medical or legal term while translating, the content can easily misunderstood and can lead to further confusion and financial penalties. Computer-assisted translation tools have been developed to keep terminology consistency between the clients’ preferred terms publication after publication. As different translators may be used over the life of a publication effort over many years (let’s think of a brand releasing similar products over decades), maintaining a strict terminology control procedure with computer-assisted tools is essential.

Translators, in order to effectively translate the provided material should be well-versed in both the languages to be easily able to comprehend the meaning of the content and translate into another language, keeping the essence of the content intact. A professional translation service should be able to manage post-translation quality assurance procedures with QA checking tools where terminology can be easily uploaded and checked in bilingual files prior to publication.

Demand for more research and skill employment while translating to ensure quality makes the job more tasking than content writing. Hence, the reason, though with minimal difference, why a quality translation service is some times as expensive as creating content. However the beneficial results are definitely worth your money as you soon begin to be noticed by an international audience in their home countries with little marketing effort!